River North

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River North is a neighborhood in the Near North Side community area of Chicago, Illinois. As one of Chicago’s most interesting neighbourhoods, this area began as an industrial area. Eventually, it moved to become a warehouse district. Later on, the huge but empty buildings were found to be perfect for writers and artists who needed studio and loft space. That was over 30 years ago.

Now the area has been transformed into a fashionable cultural hub overflowing with urban professionals, boutiques, antique stores, and of course, it has an incredible amount of art galleries. The area fairly buzzes with excitement, as do the River North movers when they can move people into this ultra-chic neighborhood!

The area already has a great number of excellent educational institutions that basically cater to families with children of all ages and interests. The neighborhood is dotted with public schools as well as private academies. During the summer when the little ones are off school, Bessemer Park offers a myriad of arts and crafts programs that will keep your kids and perhaps yourself entertained. And if it gets too hot, Bessemer Park has a spray pool for younger kids, and an outdoor pool for adults as well as the older swimmers.

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Bessemer Park is also home to the Bessemer Park Nature and Wildlife Garden, which is a beautiful natural preserve of native fauna and also acts as a wildlife habitat. There are many other new green spaces planned throughout the community. The area also features several designated bike paths. More and more lakefront parks are being created, as well as developing land that will entail mixed residential properties, lakefront recreation, as well as some retail spaces.

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