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Park Ridge is part of the Chicago metropolitan area and an affluent suburb. It is located fifteen miles northwest of downtown Chicago. It is close to O’Hare International Airport, major expressways, and rail transportation and is a delightful suburb and the birthplace of Hillary Rodham Clinton. There’s even a special corner of the city named Rodham Corner in her honor.

There are many parts of the suburb that are considered historical landmarks but the Pickwick Theater, built in 1928 is one of the most notable. The uptown portion now features many new condominiums. If you are considering moving to one of these, know that Wolley Movers  will strive to make it a pleasant experience for you by assigning only professional movers to your move.

The Area Convention and Visitors Bureau has tremendous offers of a myriad of services in order to make your moving plans a reality. One of their services other than being a dedicated welcome center is referrals.Thus, if you are in need of a good relocation company, be sure to contact one of their staff and volunteers who are totally ready to assist you in planning your move. You will find that the people are extremely helpful as well as friendly. Even our moving companies are friendly and helpful!

Known as the Village, they are ecstatic with the creation of a new Museum and History Center that will be housed in the oldest public building within the village. The revered 1898 former firehouse of the village is receiving that distinction.

When you hire a moving company you can rest assured that the respect that the village has for history combined with antiques will be reflected with such respect and love of history is part and parcel of living and some of our packers all live in many have been born and raised here!

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