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Moving tips in Chicago can come in handy when you are making that move. Moving from your old house to your new house or from the old office to the new one could be one of the biggest changes in your life. It doesn’t matter whether it is your first move or not, there are always some challenges waiting for you right at the corner. Some of those challenges could be dealt with through proper planning and the rest could be solved with expert advice and professional help.

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Professional Moving Tips In Chicago

Here are some quick nifty moving tips to help you get better results and save you from problems that could arise during the move.

  • Do not pack or ship flammable items such as hairspray, bleach, paint, etc. This is because these items can cause explosions or fire and lead to the destruction of property.
  • Remove fuel from equipment such as lawnmowers, gas grills, and motorcycles. This will ensure that these motorized equipment are safe and do not cause an accident
  • Mark boxes with the contents and room destination. This will make the unpacking easy since the boxes will be in their specific rooms. You will not need to search for a box that contains items for a certain room.
  • Move legal documents, jewelry, currency, etc., personally. These items are important to you and you are the best person to handle them.  You can place them in boxes that you have personally marked and sealed well.
  • Contact utility companies for service disconnection. It is important to have services disconnected before you move out of a home to avoid unnecessary charges.
  • Get boxes for packing. Using newer boxes will help prevent damage. Boxes are a great way to protect your valuable goods because they provide a certain level of cushioning. New boxes are strong and will go a long way in ensuring your goods reach their destination safely.
  • Clean your house and get organize everything before the moving truck arrives.
  • If you cannot be at home when the loading happens, be sure to have someone accept delivery and pay the charges for you. It is important that you are home during the move but if you have to be away, then you need someone you can trust to handle the moving process and get everything done safely.
  • When loading has been completed, walk around each room to make sure that nothing has been left behind. A lot of people leave important things behind and even though you are sure you have loaded everything, it is always good to double-check before leaving.
  • Ensure that all the valuable and fragile items are safely loaded to prevent any damage or scratches.
  • Shut off all gas appliances & lights before leaving.

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