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Des Plaines is a city in Cook County, Illinois, United States. It has adopted the official nickname of “City of Destiny”. The beautiful and modern City is situated approximately 17 miles away from the Chicago Loop and is directly adjacent to the O’Hare International Airport. It features direct access to the Pace Suburban Bus System, the CTA subway system, and the Metra commuter trains all of which link Chicago. It is thus require to hire a relocation services to move people to and from Chicago.

When Wolley Movers pack for you they have a team of professional packers pack you in properly proportioned, extra sturdy boxes and utilize their extremely reliable packing materials. This completely avoids the “practicing protective packing” worries.

A new way of moving is now available. It involves parking a POD outside your home which you pack then when you are ready, the packers picks up the POD and drives it to your destination and leaves the POD there. You unpack it and then you call them up to come get the POD. This allows you to take your time packing and saves you considerable money in the moving charges. It also allows you to take your time unpacking the POD and placing your belongings where you wish them to be without movers having to handle your belongings at all.

Even if you are moving into one of the dorms into Northern Illinois University, a relocation company services can accomplish small moves. Many students do not have the time to pack themselves and haul it to the University thus calling Wolley Movers is a great idea especially if you’ll be sharing a house or an apartment with a buddy. Many small loads are usually shared anyway thus you might even be able to share the trucking costs if you already live near each other. Then you can both unpack in your new apartment.

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