Quick Tips for Coping with Moving Stress

There’s no getting around it: moving into a new home will always come with stress. No matter how excited or eager you may be to move, coordinating the packing and relocating of all of your possessions is simply stressful. While this is normal, some people can become more stressed during their moves than others. If […]

A Guide to Moving into a Smaller Space

There are many reasons why people downsize. Perhaps they’re moving to a new city where housing costs are higher so they can only afford a small apartment. Maybe there are new budgetary restrictions in their lives. Or, perhaps, they want to simplify and have a smaller home that’s easier to maintain. Whatever the reason is, […]

Most Common Mistakes to Avoid While Moving a Piano

Pianos are valuable instruments, not only because of their monetary value, but because of the sentimental value most people attach to their piano. If you’re moving your piano even a short distance, it’s important to know the right way to move it and which mistakes you can avoid. This can help you avoid costly damage, […]

Preparing an Office Moving Checklist

When it comes to moving your company to a new location, you know moving your employees, technology, and all your office equipment to new offices isn’t going to be an easy job. But with a solid plan, determination, and good team, you can get through it with a minimal impact on productivity. Here’s an office […]

Winter Moving: All You Should Know

In an ideal world, people would only ever need to move to a new home when the sun is shining and the temperatures are perfect. Unfortunately, moves sometimes need to happen at less convenient times, like in the dead of winter. There are some upsides of moving in the winter, including more availability for local […]