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Quick Tips for Coping with Moving Stress

There’s no getting around it: moving into a new home will always come with stress. No matter how excited or eager you may be to move, coordinating the packing and relocating of all of your possessions is simply stressful. While this is normal, some people can become more stressed during their moves than others. If you’re really feeling the strain, here are a few tips to help you cope with moving stress.

Look on the Bright Side

You’ve probably heard similar pieces of advice many times over, but the fact remains that your mindset can really change the way you feel about any given situation. If you’re focused on all of the difficult parts of moving and you view it as a negative experience, then you’re more likely to feel stressed from it. However, if you’re focused on the positive, exciting parts of a move—starting fresh, decorating a new home, exploring a new town, or any other aspect of it that you might enjoy—then you can transform this experience into a positive one.

Plan Ahead

One of the best ways to make a move stressful is to procrastinate everything. So, if you want to cut down on your moving stress, make sure that you plan well ahead to ensure you get everything done. You may want to create a calendar for yourself that tells you when to have packing supplies, what rooms to pack on what days, what items to save for last-minute, what time the moving company is coming, and so on.

Be Organized

In addition to planning, you should also keep your move as organized as possible. A disorganized move is one that will give you gray hairs, so even if you’re not a Type-A personality, now may be the time to start working on your color coding and labeling skills. Have all the right moving supplies before you need them, pack your boxes with like items instead of throwing things in willy-nilly, and color code and label them accordingly. You’ll be amazed at how much less stressful your move will be if you do this.

Don’t Hold Down Emotions

Moving is quite literally a life-changing experience, and you’re going to have a lot of emotions that go along with it. You might be excited about starting this new adventure in your life, but you also might be anxious about relocating to an unfamiliar city where you don’t know anyone. You’re bound to struggle with saying goodbye to friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

While you might be tempted to tamp down those feelings so that you can focus on getting things done, this will inevitably lead to you feeling more overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted in the long run. Let yourself feel any emotions you have about the coming move and lean on friends and family for support when needed.

Unpack Quickly

Some people can take months (and even years) to move into a new place, only unpacking items as they need them. But the best way to cope with your moving stress is to get the move “officially” over with as quickly as you can. This means unpacking everything and completely settling into your new place. If you spend the first several months in your new home surrounded by unpacked boxes, you’ll not only be creating a stressful environment for yourself, but you won’t be allowing this new place to feel like home to you.

If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of moving everything yourself, contact Wolley Movers for affordable residential moving. Our movers are experts in residential moving in Chicago and can get your move done with as little stress for you as possible. Call now to learn more about our services.


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