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Preparing an Office Moving Checklist

When it comes to moving your company to a new location, you know moving your employees, technology, and all your office equipment to new offices isn’t going to be an easy job. But with a solid plan, determination, and good team, you can get through it with a minimal impact on productivity. Here’s an office moving checklist to help you stay on task to get the move done seamlessly as possible.

Assemble a Planning Team

You have a lot on your plate with running your business and overseeing the move. Assemble a small team of people you can rely on to execute the move, coordinate with employees, make arrangements with the new landlord, and set up new utilities and phone services. Appoint someone on the planning team to serve as the point person to determine all the tasks you’ll need to complete.

Build a Budget

Hiring a commercial moving company won’t be your only expense. There will also be the cost of moving supplies, preparing the new office space, marketing to clients that you have a new location, and more. If your company has an in-house accountant, assign them the task of building a budget.

Get Quotes

Assign someone on the team to get quotes from moving companies. Ask around your network to see if anyone you know has recently hired a commercial moving company. A referral from an acquaintance with a good moving experience is worth its weight in gold. If no referrals come your way, read online reviews. Either way, do your research and find the best commercial moving company in Chicago based on your company’s needs and budget. As commercial moving companies are interviewed, ask what resources they have to help your team plan and execute the move.

Look into Moving Insurance

Call your insurance agent and ask if your business insurance policy will cover any mishaps from the move. If you’re not covered, ask for a quote on commercial moving insurance. This policy can help if, for example, office equipment or other technology equipment necessary for your business to operate is damaged. The insurance policy won’t only cover the replacement cost of the equipment but may cover lost revenue as well.

Pick a Moving Date

When planning is complete, lock in a moving date that will give your team the necessary time to get everything ready. Lock in this date with the new landlord and get a guarantee that the new space will be clean, painted, and ready. Clear communication with all employees is important. Let them know the date of the move and the new location. Provide the reasons for the move and let them know how the move will help the company in strategic ways.

Create a Floor Plan

Request a floor plan to scale from the new landlord and hand it off to the planning team. Ask them to assign office and cubicle spaces to employees. The commercial moving company will need the floor plan, plus information on where each employee will be located. This will help them move office furniture and moving boxes and ensure they’re put in the right place. The IT team will need the floor plan as well to set up ethernet ports, phones, and computers.

Consider Employee Access

Once the movers and IT team have set up office equipment and technology, the employees will be ready to see their new offices. You can make this a fun experience by throwing a new office welcome party. Most commercial moves take place over a weekend. This is to minimize lost productivity. This also gives employees the weekend or Monday morning to settle in. Your planning team should prearrange and distribute parking passes and security cards a day or two before the move.

By creating and following a solid plan, you can minimize issues and get your employees settled into their new offices. To learn all you need to know about successfully moving your company, call Wolley Movers Chicago at 773-299-1039.


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