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Now let’s talk about Wicker Park and see what makes it a good choice for starting your life here.

Welcome to Wicker Park!

A part of the community of West Town, Wicker Park is a nice neighborhood, to the west of the Kennedy Expressway. The East Village and Ukranian Village are bordering Wiker Park to the North, with Humboldt Part to the east and Bucktown to the south. The gathering place of Wiker Park is the Chicago Park District, and there you can always find some company since it is usually filled with people. The architecture of this neighborhood is what put the Wicker Park Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places listings in Chicago.

Recent history

Throughout history, its demographics changed as people came and left. In the recent year, however, people have been coming here to stay more than ever before. These were, of course, good news for movers Wicker Park Chicago IL as they have more clients than ever. The neighborhood today is famous for its many commercial establishments as well as for quality entertainment. Wicker Park is a very popular location nowadays for workers because of how close public transportation and the Loop are. That is not all, however, since more and more young academic professionals are moving here.

The crime rate is decreasing and a lot of new homes were built. This led to a surge of business activity as a lot of new bars and restaurants were opened. In the last couple of years, this neighborhoods’ entertainment levels have reached an all-time high as many trendy bands were hosted here. Cafes are made in European style, giving Wicker Park an exotic look, along with the highly rated gourmet restaurants. This neighborhood has a lot of potential for business opportunities as new investors are showing up every week. Considering all of this, moving here would, for sure, be a smart business idea for any aspiring businessman.

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What makes us different from other movers Wicker Park

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Wicker Park is a Chicago neighborhood northwest of the Loop, South of Bucktown and west of Pulaski Park within West Town. The area known has been named after its developers who back in 1870 began to develop the area. They did donate 4 acres of land for a park, which is called Wicker Park, of course! The area was a very bohemian neighborhood in the past, however, some of that is changing, although it is still a Mecca for finding vintage as well as resale shops. The area also boasts record and CD stores, and it even has a number of places that play live music. The ubiquitous high-end boutiques, banks and chain stores have become more and more common though.

The neighborhood is best known for it’s numerous commercial and entertainment establishments and is a convenient place to live for downtown workers due to its proximity to public transportation and the Loop. Gentrification has made the area much more attractive to college-educated white-collar workers.

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The neighborhood has become the abode of Chicago’s wealthy Northern European immigrants. The district proved especially popular with merchants, who built large mansions along the neighborhood’s choicest streets; particularly on Hoyne and Pierce, just southwest of North & Damen, known then as Robey. Hoyne was known as “Beer Baron Row,” as many of Chicago’s wealthiest brewers built mansions there.

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