Chicago is one of the most famous cities in the United States, and in the world. Widely known as the Windy City, it has a lot to offer. There are people here from all sides of the world and thus a lot of cultures. If you like living in a colorful place filled with interesting people, Chicago is the place for you. It is full of possibilities for everyone – couples. singles, men, women, young and old. Don’t hesitate to start looking for the best movers Chicago offers. The sooner you move here, the faster your new life will start.

Chicago is a beautiful place to live in as its architecture is amazing. Its history is very interesting, particularly when it comes to its architecture, as the engineers actually had to raise the level of the central area of Chicago. Everywhere you look, especially when you are in downtown, you will find a lot of interesting sights to marvel upon. Now, speaking of downtown, if you are looking for a city filled with fun clubs and crazy nightlife, you can find that too. In general, there is something for everyone here, whether you are American or an expat in Chicago. And, if you are interested in the status of education and health systems, rest assured, you won’t have trouble with those here as both are ranked quite high in their respective fields across the United States.

Let our movers Chicago help you move to your new home

Movers Chicago unloading the moving truck.
For the best moving assistance, get in touch with Wolley Movers Chicago.

Planning to move to a new location for your home or office? No matter how far the office or new home is located, Wolley Movers Chicago are here to help you. At Wolley Movers Chicago, we understand that relocation is normally a stressful activity and a tough one too, which demands not only a lot of effort but also energy. You will need to monitor a lot of things on top of the tough packing and unpacking requirements.

Behind all this, there are a good number of reasons present. It will be a challenge battling with many issues such as packing and transporting equipment, furniture, utensils, and other items that may be dear to you. At the same time, you will have to bear the hustles of carrying out repairs to any damages you may have incurred during the whole process. This will involve fixing appointments with contractors, electricians, plumbers etc. In short, you will have a lot of issues to deal with. However, you don’t have to take the entire burden on your shoulders because everything can be managed in a professional way by accepting help from us.

Say goodbye to those moving hassles, move with Wolley!

We have been in the business for over 25 years now, continuously achieving a good record in providing quality service to our clients. We have the best and highly trained professionals in Chicago land. They are safety trained and have a moving experience to back this up. All this is so as to guarantee you that by choosing us, you can enjoy the fact that you are choosing the best option.

We have a good number of satisfied clients in relocating cross county, crosstown or moving to another floor. Furthermore, we are experts in secure packaging and moving any delicate items that you might require be it computers, plasma TV’s, big screens or antiques. We offer special handling of pianos, expensive furniture or even fine art and your other precious items in any of the destinations you choose.

Local moving services are one of our specialties!

When moving, people often stress out a lot. We are completely aware of this, and so we aim to reduce the stress as much as possible. How do we achieve this? Well, there is no particular secret. We simply strive to provide the service of the best quality and we do this in perfect sync with your demands and desires. Moving a person’s home, our movers Chicago find very, very important. With that being the case, when loading, unloading, packing and unpacking your belongings, we take the greatest care.

A street in Chicago.
Dial our number and book your moving date with some of the best movers Chicago can offer.

Wolley Movers employees are all highly skilled professionals and are some of the best local movers Chicago has to offer. They also have a lot of experience, particularly when it comes to moving locally. That is where we shine the brightest of all movers Chicago has. This is because our people know Chicago inside and out. Wherever you need us to move you, we will find the best route. Furthermore, we can help you with planning the moving day with tips and advice concerning how Chicago works. We also know what are the best ways for avoiding the busy routes through the city.

Residential moving is simple when we are doing it

When it comes to moving services Chicago movers offer, we are among the best of the best. Leaving your old home is never easy. You look ahead and you may not be seeing a bright future with utmost certainty. But it is important that you have faith and keep a positive outlook throughout the whole process. Once you settle in your new home, in a matter of days you will feel better and more relaxed. From our experience, this is how things usually turn out. We have a full understanding of what you are going through and we would be honored if you chose us to help you move to your new home. Organizing a move is a complex process and we know that. That is why we offer our help in several areas that may concern your move.

Furthermore, our crew members are expertly trained. They can help out with packing and organizing the moving in the best, most efficient way possible. Furniture, for instance, is generally really hard to move. We have developed our own ways for dealing with various types of furniture, so we can guarantee that it will be moved out and loaded and unloaded with extreme care. Throughout our years as movers, we have worked with a countless number of customers; and our reviews are the best proof of how good we are. Residential moving for us is a very important task. We approach it with great care, particularly as we feel like time really is money, which is something, not all movers Chicago-based can say.

A skyscraper.
We can relocate your business, as well as your home – the choice is up to you!

Packing supplies

One of the most important elements of any move are the packing supplies. People often tend to overlook and disregard them as not that important. However, what we have learned throughout our career as movers Chicago is the opposite. They matter, and they matter a lot. That is why we offer you our help when it comes to getting them. Specifically, if you are doing business with us, you need not look elsewhere in order to get your packing supplies. We have everything that you may need, which is a clear sign that we are one of the high quality and legitimate moving companies.

Packing your belongings carefully is crucial. You do not want your TV to get broken during a move because you put it in one simple box. No, you need the best supplies and you can get them from our movers Chicago. If you are not sure on how you should pack more sensitive things like your electronics and your china, we got you covered! Our moving crew can help you with that too. So, it is not just that you can get the best moving supplies with us, you can also get professional assistance so that your things are packed in the most effective and safest way possible!

The way we treat our customers is really important for us!

Having several years of experience in the moving business, we are now experts in transporting all of your valuables. Associating with Wolley Movers Chicago means no loss of confidential documentation and no worries about your precious luggage. We deliver your valuables on time at far away destinations while fully respecting your moving rights.

Three suitcases stacked on top of each other.
It won’t be long before you are reunited with your luggage once again.

Wolley Movers Chicago ensures you that we will deliver your luggage on time and with minimal stress, making your new life in your new home much happier. Whether you are planning a move locally in the Chicago area or a move to or from Chicago, we look for a chance to prove to you how choosing us of all the movers Chicago has is a wonderful experience. So now, rest assured that by hiring us you will have the best customer service because we value your belongings and the urgency of a move. You will certainly need to hire us to have completely hassle-free and happy relocation experience. We are there for you anytime you may be in need of transportation to offer you pre-move assistance or moving services. We shall be happy to offer quality assistance. Call and book us today and make your move secure, easygoing and smooth.


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Moving households comes as second nature to us - big or small, we handle all!


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We offer top-quality packing materials to protect your property during the move.



Our Review & Comments

Alex and his team at Wolley were GREAT! From my first phone call with them, to my free in-house quote, to the actual move from Illinois, they were friendly, fast, efficient and affordable. They loaded up all of our belongings from our 1,000 sq. ft. apartment in only 3 hours! They unloaded quickly too. […]

- Bekah from Chicago

The Best! It was a very big move & took about 20 hrs. Not a single thing was damaged & I never met such hard working & polite young men! We cannot say enough good things about Norman & his crew. We would recommend them to anyone & would not hesitate to use them again!!

- The O’Brians

Out standing Service, and Inexpensive as Well! Wolley made the move absolutely painless, and charged us only the high end of their estimate, which was lower than any of the estimates we got from the 20-25 other companies we called, including the big, national chains. We also needed to postpone the move a couple […

- E. Fisher