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West Rogers Park is one of Chicago community areas. It is a middle class neighborhood located on the far North Side of the City of Chicago. This beautiful Chicago neighborhood is an eclectic mix of various kinds of real estate, ranging from multiunit buildings, condos, bungalows, ranches, Georgian-style homes, as well as highly preserved historic mansions. Wolley Movers have experienced moves in each of those types of home.

Even when the yards can be described as petite they feature lush landscaping with bright flowers of all kinds. As I look around I could swear that everyone in the neighborhood has a green thumb! Each of the public commons in this district have many recreational sites available for those who live there such as running, walking and playing basketball or tennis.

Today West Ridge is one of Chicago’s better off communities, filled with thriving multi-ethnic culture lining Devon Avenue, historic mansions lining Ridge and Lunt Avenues, cultural institutions such as St. Scholastica Academy and one of the highest per capita incomes on the North Side of Chicago. It is home to the Midwest’s largest Hasidic community, as well as other Jewish, Irish American, German-American, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Assyrian, Russian, and Korean immigrant communities.You will however find the best relocation company that will speak to you and your kids with respect when moving you!

This area of tremendous dance troupes, legitimate theater productions as well as comedy clubs has brought forth, not only the rock and roll era, and before that, the big band era, the swing era, the silent film era as well as the jazz are. It has also been used as a location for over 480 movies. Thus, if you should move there, who knows that you may be discovered sitting at a luncheon counter and become a movie star? Wolley Movers have even been hired to move entire orchestras! Contact us for a free moving quote and we guarantee a very smooth and stress free moving experience for your home and family!