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South Chicago, formerly known as Ainsworth, is one of the well-defined community areas of Chicago, Illinois. This neighborhood boasts many wood framed beautiful homes that are steeped in Victoriana as they feature bridge-like walkups over their sunken yards. Of course Native American Pottawatomie people occupied the area long before the Europeans had even thought of the “new world”. Many existing ethnic groups have influenced the neighborhood. For instance there are Polish people, Mexicans, Irish and other Latino populations, as well as African Americans. Wolley Movers is the most referred relocation company providing packing and local relocation services.

Their park Bessemer Park owes its name to Henry Bessemer whose invention for the iron ore refinement actually revolutionized steel production. Local movers have also revolutionized some relocation practices.

The colorful lively environment is cultured by day but highly animated by night. The people who live here in this area simply know how to completely enjoy its all-embracing art and antique arenas, as well as sit back to enjoy its cheerful nightlife and eludes simple labeling to serve up so very many diverse stages of entertainment.

As specialty antique packers, We fully understand the moving of high-valued antiques. We are able to crate directly on site. We understand the safety and antique shipping insurance guidelines that need to be strictly adhered to.

The area has the largest concentration of art galleries second only to New York City. Accordingly when they need moving specialist, they look to an experienced relocation company. The packing of art materials is the almost a choreographed ballet.Extreme care needs to be taken with the paintings, and one of the best packers are Wolley Movers. Not only renowned for its art galleries, but also it is jam-packed with antique stores, many of whom use our moving company, knowing that we are dedicated to giving the best service in the moving industry as possible.