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Sheridan Park is a neighborhood bounded by Lawrence Avenue on the north, Clark on the west, Montrose on the south and Broadway on the east. It is mostly residential, containing six-flats, single family homes, and courtyard apartment buildings. This absolutely stunning area is named in honor of General Philip Henry Sheridan who was a Civil War hero. He was also instrumental in limiting the swell of the Great Chicago Fire. Thus, he is highly admired.

You may be interested to know that most of our local packers have doggie pals too.

People think very highly of the neighborhood and as one example of this is quite touching. A rather dull viaduct in the area is now colorfullly decorated with a very beautiful and vivid mural. Art students, in honor of Sheridan Park’s Chief Sheridan Park/Bill Caldwell, created it themselves even though none lived in this area. The artwork tells the tale of the place beginnings. The artists think so very much of the history that they return often to touch up the mural so that it does not fade due to the elements.

As a moving company,we also think highly of the residents and are proud to serve the area as Wolley Movers continues to grow along with the community.Part of why area so quiet is that it is located among protected forests as well as acres of private well-landscaped property.

There are three special cemeteries, as well as the neighborhood country club, that make up some of the protected properties. Thus residents are incredibly lucky to have many miles of walking trails as well as biking trails at their disposal. There are broad green places all within blocks of home. Ordinarily these ample wildlife areas and open grassy knolls are not exactly simple to find in Chicago. Thankfully for our customers Wolley Movers are quite easy to find though! We specialize in moving in and moving out! Call us for your free quote and estimate!