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The Sauganash neighborhood is named after Sauganash, a local Potawotomi leader in the 19th century. It is such a calm and quiet residential community, that many people have problems believing is still actually part of Chicago. The Potawatomi tribe used to make their home here, and the word Sauganash translates as “Englishman” because at the time their chieftain was half-European and half-Potawatomi for which the area was named. The first homes in this community were actually built in the 1920s. It almost immediately urbanized into a wealthy community.

Basically this is what makes this area so laid back. The local movers though are anything but laid back, Wolley Movers works very hard to move our customers!

The Crown Fountain in Millennium Park is the crowing glory for Sauganash. It comprises of two 50-foot glass block towers. Throughout the day its towers project facial images of Chicago citizens, bringing an illusion of water, a symbol of life, spouting from their mouths.

With all this incredible activity taking place in this neighborhood, as a relocation company we feel incredibly proud to have been a experienced packer that has brought so many happy people to this magnificent neighborhood to fully enjoy this part of Millennium Park, as well as all the other monuments and sculptures found there.

Part of the attraction is its location on the lake as well as Grant Park. The park is home to three incredible museums, the Shedd Aquarium, The Field Museum of Natural History, as well as the Art Institute. Its centerpiece, built in 1947, is the Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain is noteworthy. Part of the park has been added to with Millennium Park that has attracted millions of visitors. Comprising of 24.5 acres, it features an awesome landscape design, and is now the center for architecture, music and art.As “the” Sauganash moving company we at Wolley Movers have witnessed the immense change with burgeoning pride.