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Moving Tips

Where To Start IN CHICAGO IL

Where to start

Moving from one place to another is a stressful job and it takes time especially if you are doing all the packing yourself. To cope with this situation make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to plan your move so that you can save some money, time and some hair pulling.

Where to start?

Following are some guidelines that you should keep in mind at the time of moving.

  1. Create a packing list of all the items you want to take with you. Packing list keeps track of all the stuff and eliminates last minute panics.
  2. Choose what you will take with you and what will stay behind. There may be some stuff that you need no more or that aren’t worth moving.
    No matter what the response is, decide beforehand what is moving with you and what is staying behind.
  3. Collect resources. Try to calculate what supplies you’ll need and make sure you have enough supplies available.
  4. Check out the weather and custom of the place you are moving to and pack your stuff accordingly.
  5. Get organized. Pack your things according to their category. Label all the boxes and allocate a number to them to keep track of them.
  6. Use strong boxes for special items and items that can break easily and seal the bottom of the boxes with duck tape.
  7. Pack all your medicines and valuables in a box and try to keep it with you all the time.
  8. You can use pillows, towels and sheets as cushions to protect your fragile items.
  9. When moving furniture, if possible separate all the parts for better volume efficiency and make sure to keep all the small parts like nuts and screws in a zip bag and put them is a same box.
  10. When all the items arrive at the new place unpack then in one room at a time order. It would save time and help you keep track of all the items.