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Wrightwood Neighbors is a small community within Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. It is bordered by Fullerton on the south, Halsted on the east, Diversey on the north, and Lakewood Avenue on the west. The Wrightwood Neighbors Association sponsors the annual Taste of Lincoln Avenue.

The neighborhood has often been the subject of many newspaper accounts due to its being touted frequently as the “model for racial harmony.” The area still has a very diverse community of residents and still manages to be held up as proof that racial bias need not exist. Wolley Movers are as family-centric as the residents with years of experience in moving families.

Close to home to the area can be found the Westport Commons Shopping Center. Among the stores there, are children’s wear, shoes, and of course lady’s wear, but one store in particular specializes in fashionable trendy lady’s sportswear. After all, one must be in fashion to enjoy Hayes Park. When the weather is cooler many Wrightwood residents can be found in their local bowling alley followed by a visit to the local pub to toss down a few. As a relocations company we have been handling these types of moves for years.

The residents are inordinately proud of their three million dollar library that has attracted visitors, as well as residents, daily to partake in their approximately 50,000 volumes of books. Thus, you cannot find a more family-friendly locale to rear your youngsters. Within the area can be found a beautiful park by the name of Hayes Park. It is a stunning park with winding walkways, a small recreational building and ballparks.

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