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The Near West Side, one of the community areas of Chicago, is located west of the Chicago River, adjacent to the downtown central business district (the Loop). The neighborhood is the wonderful address for businesses and as well as residents who have enjoyed an extensively dynamic as well as rapidly emergent urban environment. The neighborhood is reputed to be one of the top growing neighborhoods found within Chicago. It is home to spacious residential lofts, a thriving gallery district, shops, and of course many delicious restaurants.

Its local residents enjoy the wonderful green spaces available in the community. The park features volleyball, basketball, baseball and even seasonal swimming facilities. Or if you wish to just throw out your Frisbee with your son or daughter the Park can be used for that too.

The homes are basically immaculately very well kept and the demand for residences is very high. The brownstones are simply charming with their large windows shaded by trees. Many of those living in the lofts too often need experienced moving specialist.As Cubs fans ourselves, we at Wolley Movers, a moving company will happily welcome you here! If you require a relocation services look no further!

People absolutely love the lofts for it gives them a very hip urban environment featuring wood beamed ceilings, and exposed bricks, that is near enough to the Loop without living in the concrete canyons that the towering high-rises create. They seem to be the perfect answer to a tremendous amount of Chicago’s younger working force as well as families and moving you there is no trouble for.If you are considering relocating in other places and want to be a part of this American dream we at can make it possible for you and for your family. Wolley Movers are truly looking forward to moving you!