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St. Bens neighbourhood is included in north center community area of the Chicago, Illinois. This lush green neighborhood takes its name from its parish as well as its parochial school by the name of St. Benedicts. This particular part of town features extremely elegant and very well maintained Victorian homes. These homes were built on oversized lots that allow backyard BBQ’s, something almost unheard of in Chicago. The well-landscaped yards, with healthy lawns, are shaded by rows of beautiful trees.

The area also highlights newer construction featuring various town home developments as well as some excellent loft conversions. St. Ben’s movers have been kept busy to be a part of bringing new residents to St. Ben’s-their new home.

Moving in ChicagoAs a moving company, Wolley Movers we do our best to move everyone and everything. Our packers are incredibly hardworking, respectful, trustworthy, reliable and safe.

Our service men are actually enjoying helping families move and it shows in their ultimate performance. Unlike many relocation companies we do not employ or utilize day laborers. We are a team who know each other well, and as that team, we have accomplished many moves together.

We are progressive, and thus constantly look for additional training providing the newest methods used in order to make moving you safer and easier. We are also proud to say that we’re the friendliest moving company in chicago.

As the best known relocation company, we at Wolley Movers are actually quite distinctive among our area with our special equipment not to mention the resources, abilities and talents to bring you the very best relocation experience that can be had. It takes special training in order to become a team for this company and all of our help has gone through rigorous training for their particular job.

One of our best moves entailed having to dismantle and put back together an exceptionally large bedroom suite that consisted of 13 different pieces. Our experierenced packers were able to work quickly and efficiently with it due to our full quantity of tools as well as being trained specialist in packing belongings!