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Wolley Movers: 25 Years of Excellence
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Quincy, known as Illinois’ “Gem City,” is a river city along the Mississippi River and the county seat of Adams County. It has a sparkling reputation for agricultural production, and manufacturing as well as being a center of commerce. It also features impressive historic architecture, as well as beautiful tree-lined streets. The park system boasts grassy, rolling hills, and is often the source of family amusement.

The city is made for caring families who show their children extraordinary love, and Wolley Movers are no different. They care about those people including the children and about how to move them so that no cherished possessions are lost or damaged.

When in need of a moving company, try to get at least 3 estimates. Do not settle for bids that are done solely by phone, or by the Internet, but instead you absolutely must insist that they come to your home so that they are secure about their bids and you are as well. Make sure prior to even inviting them to your home that they are registered in the State of your residence, in this case Illinois. The Better Business Bureau will also tell you of any complaints having been received about the company and what was accomplished as restitution.

When you need a Quincy moving company, know that here in the United States; any legitimate moving companies absolutely must be licensed via the Federal Highway Administration and/or their State Commerce Commission.

Before you sign a contract to have your belongings moved, be sure and check with both of those to ascertain that they are indeed who they’ve said they were? Not that you should be suspicious, but there are some rogue movers about who will not have any affiliation with either of those administrations or commissions. A knowledgeable consumer is usually a most happy and satisfied consumer.

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