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Tips for Packing Christmas Decor

Nothing is more joyful and pretty than the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. However, packing and unpacking all the ornaments can be a true nightmare. An artificial Christmas tree, delicate balls, wreaths, lights, and other Christmas decoration is easily damaged so it needs to be packed properly. Especially if you are moving just before the holiday season, you will need a guide on packing Christmas decor. We are not going to lie to you – it’s not that easy. However, with our step-by-step guide, you will find it a lot easier. And when the time comes to unpack and start decorating – you will thank yourself a thousand times.

Plan ahead

Every way of packing deserves some time of planning. The same goes for packing Christmas decor. If you are a type of person who likes it home to be super jolly during the holidays, it is probable that you have a lot more holiday items than just the Christmas tree decor. Start sorting them in advance, and if there are some items you don’t like anymore, or they are not working – get rid of them immediately. Save yourself time, space and packing material. However, if you need to move last minute, maybe hiring professionals would be the smartest thing to do. Check out these reliable and efficient last minute moving companies Chicago.


While going through your Christmas decor, step number one is to get rid of the things that you no longer need. This means old or broken balls, lights that are no longer working, etc. After that, be sure to organize the items you have left – separate all the balls, lights, and other decorations in separate boxes. Also, never mix your Christmas decor with other things you are packing – this way you will have them in one place and they will be safer by themselves.

Packing Christmas decor has never been easier with a bit of planning.

Packing Christmas decor – what do you need?

When packing Christmas decor, there are a lot of things to think about. It’s not just an ordinary packing. Most of the items are very delicate and can break easily. Also, many items are sensitive to water, like string lights and wrapping supplies. When packing Christmas decor, it is the best to invest in sturdy plastic boxes with secure lids and other essential packing supplies. This way you will avoid breaking and possible water damage. Also, prepare some cardboard boxes, too, and some markers, label stickers, bubble wrap (a lot of it), some old clothes, paper, scissors and a lot of tapes. If you have trouble finding some packing material, try searching them here.

Packing your tree

If you have an artificial Christmas tree, it would be best if you saved its original packaging. If you don’t have it – don’t you worry. You can buy tree storage plastic bags and appropriate box. You can put the tree inside of a bag (or wrap it with bubble wrap or any other protective sheet) and then put it in a box, to avoid damage during transport.

Packing an artificial Christmas tree has to be carefully done so you can use it next year, too.

Packing Christmas balls

The most difficult part of packing Christmas decor and moving during the holidays is probably saving balls from damage. So beautiful, yet so delicate, they break easily. The smartest thing to do is to save the original packaging – it is probably the safest option. However, there are some other options, too. You can use egg cartons for smaller ornaments, so be sure to save those in advance. Also, if you do use this method, be sure to tape it securely or tie it with a string, so the lid doesn’t open.

Extra tip: Be sure to label all the lights if you have many to put on around the house. It would be great to know which strings go to the tree, on the windows, on the roof, etc.

The hardest part of packing Christmas decor – save these delicate ones!

Moving to Chicago?

Moving to another home is always stressful, especially if it happens during holidays. That’s why hiring professional moving companies and taking packing services Chicago is the safest option. You will save a lot of time, and use it on buying Christmas gifts and decorating your new home, for example. Investing in a trustworthy, experienced company is probably the best tip we could give you. Moving a lot of fragile and valuable items is possible to do by yourself.

However, there is always a risk of damaging those and losing a lot of money. The reason for that is that you are moving once or twice in your lifetime, and professional movers have a great experience in packing and transport. So, if you can avoid taking a risk of doing everything by yourself, we suggest you definitely do that. Enjoy the holidays after a peaceful and quick move! Cheers!


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