Tips to Pack Hanging Clothes for a move

Packing Tips - July 6, 2019

How many times happened that you stressed yourself out during the packing for your trip? The quite common trouble that packing of your belongings brings is that the process can be time and energy-consuming. Especially if we are uncertain about what should go with us, and what should stay. So many clothes and so insufficient space. Things might be even more difficult if you are packing for relocation. As packing is one of the biggest moving tasks, good preparation is essential. In this article, we will bring you some tips on how to pack hanging clothes for a move.

Plan your relocation on time

Each big life event requires careful planning and organization on the highest level. That means that the first thing you should do is to create a moving checklist. A good start will lead you to have a pleasant relocation, without stress. Prioritizing tasks and monitoring them is a great way to keep yourself on the right path. Relocation includes a great number of responsibilities. Having a plan, and being well-informed about each detail, will help you and be your guide.

Person holding a planner
Plan your move on time

Before you pack hanging clothes for a move, find reliable movers

The inevitable part of the preparation and one of the greatest importance is finding a good moving company for your relocation. The safety of your possessions during transportation should be in the first place. Pick a company that is providing quality services at reasonable prices. Check a few different companies, read their reviews, collect as much information as you can. In case you are moving locally, you can count on one of the best Chicago movers, Edgewater movers. A company with extensive experience and dedication to the customers’ needs is what you need. And we are there for you.

Clean and declutter before you pack hanging clothes for a move

This is the perfect time to open all your wardrobes and sort out your clothes. Before you pack belongings for relocation, decide what will go with you. Take all your clothes out of the closets and sort them in order. You will probably find out that there are a lot of things that you are not wearing anymore. There are several options to get rid of them. If they are in good condition you can sell them on the garage sale, or online. An even better idea is to donate them to charities. That way, you will not only help others, but you will do a double good. The cost of moving will be lower if the weight and number of boxes are fewer.

For clothes that you would like to keep but not to transfer to your new home, you can use a storage unit. Pack your belongings for storage, along with your clothes, the same way as you will pack it for relocation. In case you are taking a long-term unit, apply extra safety measures to protect your items correctly. Clean your clothes and divide them into groups, by the type, so that you can easily pack them for moving.

clothes in closet
Before packing, you should de-clutter your wardrobe

To pack hanging clothes for a move, gather proper packing material

After selecting the clothes, it is time to start packing. A suitable material is essential, due to the sensitivity of the items you are moving. You would not like to see your favorite piece of clothing dirty and damaged. Investment in several types of moving boxes Chicago is for sure a good one. For hanging clothes that you are not about to place in regular boxes, you have wardrobe boxes. This type of cardboard box is like a portable closet, with the special purpose to hang and fit your clothing. They come in different sizes, but most of them are two feet wide and three feet long. Inside the box, you have a built-in metal hanger bar, similar to the one that you have in your wardrobe. They provide the full protection of your clothes from dirt and dust. Clothes will stay wrinkle-free during the moving.

Another great advantage of the wardrobe box is quick unpacking directly to your new closets, together with the hangers. The price of wardrobe boxes is a bit higher from regular ones, but they are, for sure, the best option. If you are moving on a budget, there are few other DIY options which can save your money. Let us see the additional ways to pack hanging clothes for a move.

Large trash bags can be useful

Not only that trash bags are super unexpansive, but they save the space in the moving truck. This is a smart option as you can easily and quickly protect your hanging clothes. Gather up to ten hangers with similar clothes, tie them with a rubber band with the clothes on them. Take one large trash bag and make a hole in the middle of its bottom. Pull the bag over a group of hanging clothes until you get the metal hooks of the hangers through the hole. Use tape to close the bottom of the bag. That way each side will have protection. Instead of trash bags, you can use plastic wrap or sheets for the same purpose. Plastic wrap is less slippery than trash bags, but both can melt on the high temperatures.

To pack hanging clothes for a move, use trash bags
Gather up to 10 hangers with similar clothes

If you are moving during the summer, consider using the sheets. Spread it over the bed, put the hangers with clothes in the middle. Fold the bottom, left, and right sides of the sheet across the top. Tie the end into a knot, fold the top part of the sheet and wrap it around.

Garment bags- another great way to pack hanging clothes

Every home has garment bags, so why not to use it for this occasion. These bags can be used separately or in addition to a wardrobe box or trash bag. You can also ask your local dry cleaner for free plastic garment bags and save even more money. The plastic ones give less protection but can gather and cover clothing from dust.

We hope this article assisted you in gaining more knowledge on how to pack hanging clothes for a move. As you can see, everything can be accomplished with the right approach. In case you are not willing to pack by yourself, or you do not have enough time, seek professional help. Among all others, River North movers are providing packing services, as well. We can take the utmost care of your possessions, pack, and transfer them to the final destination. We wish you the best of luck and a great new beginning.

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