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Packing Tips - November 24, 2018

Moving is a really complicated task and it is also definitely one of the most stressful things you will ever do. Provided you found your new home, which in itself is an amazingly hard task, moving there is a highly complex task. There are many things that you will have to do like finding the right movers company, which can be a crucial thing for your move. Then there are the administration tasks of getting all of your documents edited since you address is going to be changed. This means that your health records have to be moved to the other city and that your children’s school records have to be moved to their new school. You are also going to pack which is not easy at all. You have to organize and plan the packing carefully. There’s a whole list of essential packing supplies you’ll need.

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A packing plan is not something you can easily make.

Before getting the packing supplies, make the inventory list

Still, before we got on to what are key packing supplies, let’s talk about some equally important things. The first thing that concerns packing that you will have to do is make an inventory list. The importance of this move is huge. Making the inventory list is useful for several reasons. Firstly, you will, of course, finding it a lot easier to pack when you the full list of all of your belongings in front of you. If you organize the list properly, it will help you a lot in your quest of organizing the packing.

You should divide everything you have according to a room that they belong to. So, for instance, classify all of your plates, cutlery, and mugs under Kitchen. Then classify all of your towels under Bathroom etc, and do this for every item you are taking with you.

After you have classified your things like this, you can pack them into separate piles which will ease the packing. What this also does for you is that it makes the unpacking a lot easier too. You can unpack as you packed – One room at a time. This way you can always unpack the most important things first. Furthermore, making an inventory helps you with one more thing, and that is maintaining control of your belongings. After you finish with moving by using one of the moving services Chicago offers, for instance, you can check all your items.

This is how you will know what, if any, items are missing or whether some of them got damaged. Also, if this happens to be the case, you will need the inventory list if you decide to ask for insurance for any damage made by the moving company.

The essential packing supplies

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You can also get packing tips from certain companies


Let’s start with the basic packing supplies. You cannot really do any moving without a couple of good old boxes. Since they come in various shapes and sizes, they are very versatile, so you can use them in many ways. There are several rules that you should follow in order to pack things properly. Since our goal is to be practical, first of all, try to pack heavier things in the smallest possible boxes. The lighter things you can easily put in bigger boxes because, because of their weight, they can be carried easily.

Remember to put the heavier boxes on the bottom of the truck when moving, because you don’t want the heavier things squishing the lighter ones. Professional packing services Chicago IL may be a place to look for additional packing tips, in case you felt like we forgot something.

Another useful tip – Before you go and buy a couple of tons of boxes, you should check the local liquor stores. Maybe you will be lucky and find some boxes with dividers in them, which can be very useful when packing your glassware. Next, take special care when packing things into boxes, not to overfill them. You should avoid overfilling because the boxes could then have lumps and that would make them harder to stack on and by one another. Also, underfilling them could make those boxes collapse under weight if you put heavier boxes on them.

So, when putting them in the truck, put the heavier things first, and then the lighter on them. After you pack a certain box, make sure that you fill the excess space in the boxes, around things, with some soft but plenty material, like some, perhaps old, clothes.

Bubble and protective wraps and corner protectors

Making your belongings comfortable is very important. You can use many things to do this. The most important and practical one is obviously the bubble wrap. These pockets of air are there to protect the items from breaking. You should most definitely use these when packing glassware, antiques, and dishes. These are also extremely useful when packing the electronic equipment. People often forget how sensitive the electronics are. This makes them to not pack the electronics carefully which often results in damaging or even breaking them. This is one of the most common moving mistakes.

Boxes and bubble wrap are among the most essential packing supplies
With us, you don`t have to worry about gathering packing supplies.

Next, besides bubble wrap, we have protective wraps. They can also be useful for fragile items since they are made for shock-absorbing. The protective wraps made of foam are very light and rather flexible and are recyclable. Corner protectors are there for preventing damaging the furniture and the walls. Big furniture is hard to move and pack, and it may scratch and damage the walls. That is why you need the corner protectors. They are really effective for covering the edges of furniture and preventing all of that.

  1. Labeling materials. You can use separate colors for different rooms or you can use stickers. Combine these with the inventory list and you will be doing yourself a great service!
  2. Packing tape. You can use it in many different ways and the moving cannot be done without it.
  3. Utility knife. A utility knife is one of the most essential packing supplies, and it extremely useful.

Good luck with packing!

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