What can you expect from a green moving company?

Moving Tips - January 13, 2019

A green moving company is not just one of the companies that help you relocate. Even though there are many different companies, the green ones offer special types of moving services Chicago primarily. This type of moving means reduced effects of moving on the environment. It means that a green moving company makes special steps before and during moving that are eco-friendly. It usually includes:

  • Using special packing – like different materials for packing or new methods of packing;
  • Special types of packing – even though we expect the same packing methods in every moving process there are different types in the green moving company;
  • Eco-friendly behavior includes protection of fresh air;
  • Green is not only protecting nature – but it also includes donations and helping people;
  • Companies that protect environment also has special types of storages which are eco-friendly.

We all know that living in accordance with the eco-friendly behavior is challenging. However, taking a green moving company does not mean spending a lot of money. Using the services of these companies are usually simple. It is not much more expensive than for traditional companies.

A truck with hybrid engine as one of the ways that green moving company protects the environment
A green moving company uses trucks with hybrid engine


Choosing recyclable boxes in a green moving company is something we expect as the first step in environment protecting. Many people do not know that more than 90% of companies in the US use only recyclable boxes. However, it is not nearly close to eco-friendly packing. It comes along with different behavior during packing as well.

Cardboard boxes

Even though most of moving companies use only these materials for packing, green moving company go further. They sometimes use reusable boxes for packing. When you choose these types of moving boxes Chicago for next moving, there are high chances that you will get boxes that somebody already used. Do not worry about that. Those are protected, checked and clean. However, if you like this, you can buy reused boxes as well. There is another way for using eco-friendly packages – plastic bins. Those are made of plastic that is not really good for nature. However, they can use it for a long time, without throwing out of them in nature. It actually could be more eco-friendly way than using of classic cardboard boxes.

Less packing supplies

It is obvious that less packing supplies you use mean fewer boxes used. However, it is not always easy. The green moving company could help you with that, too. As the matter of fact, they know how to pack things on smaller containers and boxes. They will provide you with advice on how to throw out non-needed things, too.

The green moving company supports recycling and donating

Even though they provide great packing supplies, green moving companies also support your decision to pack in reused boxes. It means that you can use already used paper and boxes in moving. It is very simple, actually, and presumes to collect boxes during the year. People who have an interest in environmental protection have already collected used wrapping papers and boxes. However, the green moving company will courage you to use them in moving. They will do that even though that paper is not always customized for moving.

Moving process

The green moving company is involved in environment protecting even when the moving process starts. There are many simple ways to decrease pollution of the natural environment. Some of them will include your support, too.

Clean air

The first thing we usually think off when environment protecting is about is clean air. There are so many ways to decrease air pollution. We can use hybrid cars or alternative energy sources. However, you can also decrease the CO2 emission during the moving, too. You will not make a mistake with any of residential moving company Chicago. Green moving companies use trucks with biodiesel engines. They produce less CO2 and consume less fuel.

Efficiently packing

Even though we think that packing must be always the same, with a bunch of boxes and packages, it does not be always the case. There are green moving companies that perfectly know how to pack your stuff in small packages. However, they will decrease fuel consumption because of lightweight cargo. It is hard when last minute moving is about. On the other hand, you will need fewer trips back and forward during moving.

Eco-friendly storage

Yes, they exist, too. Many of standard storages are arranged in the same way. Their usage and the prices are more-less the same. However, eco-friendly storage includes different type of organization and energy usage. Those are well insulated, so you should not heat and cool the storage so much. On the other hand, they have a special program for reducing electricity. You will see that they use less energy even on the light. If you move in a hurry use emergency movers Chicago. Maybe some of the boxes you can put in these eco-friendly storages in meanwhile.

a dog in a box
Green moving company usually uses reused boxes

Recycling of the boxes

We expect that we should throw away boxes after moving. On the other hand, you can simply return them to your green moving company. It will significantly reduce the job of cleaning away after moving. Just imagine that! There are no wrapped boxes and cardboard all over the lawn.

Other steps that green moving company may use

Along with those obvious steps that green moving company may use, there are so many other ones. Environment protection does not finish with the moving. There are many other things that support the eco-friendly behavior before and after moving.

Local donation sites

Green moving company does not organize donation itself. However, they can support you in that. However, they usually are connected with the organizations that collect donations. You can be great sustenance for them. Especially with a wardrobe that you can donate. In that case, the moving company will recommend the donation site or organization that they cooperate with.

Two old people on the bench
Seniors should get the top quality senior movers Chicago has to offer.

Socially responsible companies

Green moving companies are also socially responsible. They are not just a company that organizes moving. Those companies also support charity work and companies and organizations that donate. In past decades they are involved in helping seniors when moving. They will help individuals, children or majority groups independently of moving. They actually share an idea of helping the planet by itself.

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