Terms to Include in Your Moving Contract

Moving Tips - February 2, 2019

Nothing has a bigger value than to be well informed when you have a big life challenge in front of you. One of those events is for sure a relocation to a new place. Moving is a big challenge and a complex job. So it is of great importance to pay special attention to some steps and tasks in this adventure. The thing that mostly causes a lot of considerations when organizing a move is a moving contract. People often make mistakes by being unaware of all the terms and conditions while signing a contract with a moving company. Understanding every part of the agreement that you make can save your time, energy and money. That is why we will try to give you the insight in the terms that moving contract includes.

Choosing the right moving company will make your moving easier

As relocation is on the list of the most stressful life events, saving your health should be a priority. The stress and the weight of the moving process can be lessened by making a good plan. A moving plan should consist of tasks such as sorting things, packing and finding a moving company. There are a lot more things that you should put on your moving checklist. But probably the most important task is to hire affordable movers in Chicago. By having professional help, with experience, on your side, everything is easier. That will doubtless decrease the level of stress that might occur.

How to avoid fraudulent movers before you make a moving contract

To have a safe relocation, gather as much information about the moving company you are about to hire. There are plenty of fraudulent movers, so do the research in order to avoid them. Hiring movers mean making a moving contract with them. So let us see what are the inevitable parts of a contract and what should one have in consideration.

What is a moving contract and why is it so important?

A moving contract is a written agreement between you and a moving company of your choice. As to any other contract, you should approach this one professionally and carefully. There are many terms that are not so easy to understand. That is why we should seek some professional help or do a bit of research before signing a contract. The importance of a moving contract is of great value. If you decide to move without it, you may end up paying more than you expected. You will avoid hidden costs, arguments, and unpleasantries. This way you will be sure that both parties honored on what you agreed upon.

Sometimes you plan your moving date a few months ahead, but sometimes you have far less time on your hands. In the case of the last minute moving, which is one more thing that our company provides, do not worry. Anyway, you should still find time to make a moving contract if possible. Also, you should take precautions and read carefully what the contract includes.

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Before making agreement get familiar with all terms and conditions of a moving contract.

Getting to know the terms and documents from a moving contract

It happens that a person might oversee certain parts of a contract. It can lead to a pretty big mess that you can avoid. We will give you some of the most common terms of a moving contract. So that you can get familiar with them.

Basic contact information

Every moving agreement will include contact information. Those are the name and phone number of a contact person within your moving company. Your personal information, phone number, and address of a pick-up. Also, the address of delivery and any additional information so that you can have a smooth communication.

Inventory list

You should carefully assemble your inventory list. While packing you should write down everything that you want to move. Your list should match the moving company inventory list. They will tag all your belongings before loading into the moving truck. This list is important to keep track of your items. You should reevaluate it upon the delivery and be sure that everything is in place. For any damages or missing items, you can raise a complaint. A contract will protect you in this situation and reimburse your loss.


The basis of the estimate is the weight of your goods and the distance of the final destination. There are two types of estimates that moving companies can provide: binding and non- binding. Check with your company what each entails, especially if you have any additional requests.

A pen on a contract.
Before making an agreement get familiar with all the terms and conditions of a moving contract.

Bill of lading

BOL is a receipt that should match to the contract you’ve previously signed. Those are: pick up time and date, contact info, all the costs, extra fees, insurance etc.

Additional services

If you have any special request you should check with your moving company first. Maybe you want someone else to pack you or to move your delicate items? Services of our company are various and might suit your needs.

The 110% rule

This rule is highly lucrative for you. A moving company cannot charge you more than 10% over the initial costs of a non-binding estimate.

Hidden charges

By asking the right questions to your movers you will seek the right answers. That will help you in avoiding extra charges. Some of them might be parking, storage, lunch breaks, bad weather, extra movers etc.

A woman making a plan.
Carefully read your moving contract to avoid hidden charges.


When something goes wrong in the process of moving, arbitration can be the easiest way to resolve it. It is a way to settle disputes, by avoiding court. It is a more efficient and faster option than a traditional court. That is why the arbitration clause should be in the bill of lading.

Making a moving contract with a company is a big thing. But by having on your mind all your moving rights, terms and conditions, there is nothing to worry about. As our services are always disposable to you, you can easily get a free moving quote. It will help you in organizing your move and planning your budget. So start packing your things. Or we will do that for you, as well. We wish you a nice and pleasant relocation.

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