Should you purchase moving insurance?

Moving Tips - October 9, 2018

Purchasing moving insurance is a dilemma we all know the answer to. Of course! Do not neglect the facts about moving insurance. You should know all the options that you have and be prepared for everything that can happen. So, be smart! Better safe than sorry. One will hire professionals, that is for sure, but force majeure is always there. Since you will (at least should) start thinking about the relocation in advance, the same goes for moving insurance. To do it way in advance is good on so many levels. One will have the time to find the best fit and eventually purchase moving insurance. That is why it takes time, the rest is the technicality that we will explore.

Before choosing to purchase moving insurance, check the market

To purchase moving insurance means that you have to check the market first. You need to know what is the range of prices and who the trusted companies are. Of course, one should make an appointment with the representative of the company and see what does the moving insurance cover. There are many types of moving insurance, some of which are mandatory by the law. You do not want to end up with broken items or with any other kind of damage and then read the contract.

That is why you have to start way in advance. Choose the company that has the following mission statement-To services our clients to the best of our ability and safely deliver their belongings on schedule, every time! Of course, if you decide to purchase moving insurance, the company can advise you on other things such as ways to cut moving expenses.

To purchase moving insurance means a lot of googling
Find that best moving insurance

Prior to deciding to take out moving insurance, take some time to google. Search for the best bet. The best bet is not the one that has the lowest price. It’s the one that fits your need best. Best moving insurance is the one that can cover all of your demands. That’s what you should be looking in the market. You want to be sure to purchase moving insurance from someone who can help you during the entire relocation.

As mentioned, if you decide to relocate, purchase moving insurance and use storage services within the same company, benefits are numerous. The company will make a special offer for you. And that is your ultimate goal, of course. To hire one company that can do everything. You do not want to find your items on the list of top 10 damaged items when moving and how to protect them.

You need a strategy to get moving insurance

Yes, to purchase moving insurance you need to have a strategy. Since you took some time to find a reputable moving company, now prepare your questions. During the interview, you want to have your priorities first and the questions covered. Write them down, you must be at the top of your game. One doesn’t want to forget something and regret later.

Will the moving insurance cover the entire relocation or just the transportation? Will it be different if you decide to do the move yourself? If so, what is the policy of moving insurance? Have these and similar questions ready. Once you contact Wolley Movers, you will have a personal moving consultant who will be happy to help you.  The more information you need, the fewer doubts you will have later on. And the relocation plan will be clear on both sides.

Prepare all the questions if you want to purchase moving insurance
Get them questions ready

Once we know what you require, we will make the move without problems. Since one should always be prepared, we offer the moving insurance as well. As professionals, we have to respect the law, and that is why you should check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. There you will find more information about insurance. Furthermore, you will understand what valuation is and the different levels of liability. Our representative will, of course, explain the notions but we want you to have even more details.

For example, you have nine months to file a written claim. So, we advise you to unpack all the boxes and check if everything is ok. Do not wait for the last moment to check your items. Your safety and the safety of your items is our number 1 priority. That is exactly why we advise you to purchase moving insurance.

Additional advice if you decide to purchase moving insurance

If you take out moving insurance you have the best answer to how to avoid stress when you’re moving. Of course, one should pay attention if the relocation is an interstate one. In that case, the regulations are different, depending on the state and the federal law. This is one more question you need to add to your checklist. If an article’s value is more than $100, it is considered as an article of extraordinary value.

We advise you to always make a list of all the items that you have. That will make it easier for us to assist you best. Also, that will ease your move in a sense of packing as well. It will keep you on a good organizational level. You only need to label everything and maybe think about decluttering. That being said, you will know which items are priority and demand moving insurance.

Purchase moving insurance over a cup of coffee.
The first step is the most important – Purchase moving insurance and make your items safe and sound

If you buy moving insurance you will know how to prepare for your smooth moving. Decluttering will help you feel fresh also. Once you take care of something you should have long ago, it will give you motivation. So, choose well do you want a full value protection or a released one for you moving insurance. Take the necessary time and then execute. Demand your mover to give you their version of the Protection plan if you decide to purchase moving insurance. Then enter the new life phase relaxed. And take a lot of pictures!

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