Moving day safety tips and precautions

Moving Tips - March 5, 2019

Moving is one of the most stressful events in people’s lives. You need to be careful and take many things into consideration if you want it to be smooth. Sadly, most of the time that is not the case. Usually, we end up with a few extra dollars spent or with a broken lamp. But some moving mishaps can have a huge impact on you and your family. It does not matter if it is a physical injury or a broken property. You need to apply the same measures and precautions to avoid unfortunate events. Therefore, we assembled a simple guide on moving day safety. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will gain much-needed morale boost and feel much safer while dealing with the move.

Preparation and planning

As soon as you are aware of your moving date start assembling a moving checklist. Hopefully, you will have at least 3 weeks to prepare, which is enough time to organize a move. Moving day safety should be first on the list. You should cover as much as you can upfront, better safe than sorry. Much can be prevented:

  • Set aside a stretching moving budget. You never know when you’ll stumble over a hidden cost.
  • Find an affordable local moving company that is to your liking. To have a pro by your side is reassuring when handling such a big task.
  • Inspect all the areas in and around the house. You need to know how much belongings you have to pack and how much room for maneuver.
A woman making a plan for moving day safety on a laptop
Plan ahead of your moving day

Hire a reliable moving company and maximize moving day safety

In case you are not sure if you can handle a relocation alone, consider hiring pros. But be sure to do thorough research before you do. There are many fraudulent companies, and you want to avoid those. Check if your company has a working license and all the permits required. You will find interesting some of the services that moving companies have to offer. They can handle the whole moving process in a blink of an eye. Moving arsenal contains services such as relocation, packing, unpacking, storing and many more. Also, they have all the tools and manpower necessary for the task ahead.

Highly skilled people with many years of experience will handle your belongings and heavy furniture. In such an environment, you will feel much safer. There is less stress when you don’t have to lift a finger and only move around and supervise the process. In case you are moving to Illinois, we have a suggestion for you. Try Wolley Movers, one of the most prestigious local moving companies. As many before, you will be most satisfied with the outcome.

Pack lightly

Packing is the most tiresome and tedious process while preparing for a move. You must shuffle through your belongings and decide what goes where. This will require a lot of moving boxes and plastic bins of all sizes. A few packing materials like packing tape, scissors, bubble wrap or wrapping paper. Remember to buy extra packing materials, just to stay safe. You don’t want to run out while in the middle of the packing process. Also, while packing boxes, secure the insides with an old cloth, towels or any kind of cushion that you can think of. This you can do with all boxes, but it will be enough only for ones that contain fragile items. Then, secure box corners with protective pads, and do not overstuff your boxes. They should not weight more than 50 pounds.

Small box
Fragile items should be packed with special care

Labeling your cargo is important as well. Just do not write the content of the box on the label, just the room that belongs to. This way you’ll keep curious eyes away from your valuables and prevent theft or sudden misplacement. But if you can’t be bothered with everything mentioned, hire a packing service from a moving company. Lakeview movers showed, in the past, the real meaning of packing. We will handle your items with special care. You should make the call and see for yourself.

Clear the way

House inspection is of great importance for moving day safety. You should check all the areas of your home, as well as the yard, garage, and the attic. Try to secure all doors, stairs, and handrails. This way you’ll have a better knowledge of the surroundings and you can predict where an incident can occur. Start with downsizing and throwing out the items that you do not need anymore. Prevent moving mishaps by removing all hazardous materials and liquids from harm’s way. Take the pictures and mirrors off the wall prior the moving day. Roll your carpets and move them somewhere where no one can trip over them.

Move stuff out of the way. Keep your Chicago moving boxes and other belongings on the side or in corners of the room. Hallways and areas that are on the way to your moving truck should be without any obstacles. Jam the doors and leave them open always. This will provide free movement through the house. And finally, fetch a broom and clean the path in front of your house. Remove pebbles and leaves and check if the floor is wet, especially if you are moving during snowy weather. In that case use shovel and salt to prevent someone from slipping. And finally, keep your kids and pets out of the way. For obvious reasons.

Get help

As we mentioned before, you should seek help for a moving day. One of the options is to hire a professional moving company. But any form of help will do as long as you keep your helpers safe as well. Contact your friends and neighbors and check if they are free on moving day. There are few items in your household that you simply can’t move alone. Even if you can, you shouldn’t, unless you have sufficient experience on the subject. Professionals should handle heavy equipment moving like pianos, pool tables and other bulky pieces of furniture. Therefore, do not hesitate to call for help. It is a smart thing to do and it will increase your moving day safety.

High five
Friends are here to help you

Stay healthy

There are a few extra steps you can take to increase moving day safety. For instance, you should have a first aid kit always accessible. Then, the choice of clothes for a moving day. You should dress in layers on cold weather. Light comfortable clothes are for a hot summer day and stay clear of hanging shirts and sleeves. We do not want to hang on to things while carrying boxes around. Sports or running shoes will do just fine. Also, stretch before you pick up anything. Back strain is the most common injury during a move. Do not attempt lifting anything too heavy. If you are not sure, ask for assistance or skip the item in question altogether.

But not all injuries are physical. You need to take care of your mental state as well. Few days before and on a moving day, keep yourself and everyone involved hydrated and well fed. You need enough sleep, healthy food and liquids to maintain energy levels. And a few hours a day of leisure time where you can relax and lower the stress. This will lift your spirit and keep the mood all-time high. You’ll get through the day.

first aid kit
Do not forget a first aid kit

We came to an end of this chapter, what is left to do is your safe relocation. Keep in the back of your head what you learned today. Take much-needed rest few days before your move and relax. Do not hesitate to ask for help and always think upfront before attempting anything. Remember, moving day safety is the most important thing here. Your new home awaits!

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