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Moving Tips - February 25, 2019

Moving checklist is very important for the moving process. It is not easy to move from one part of the country to another. However, packing should not be so hard if you prepare properly. Do not forget that proper preparation for moving makes the same process easier.

Relocating is challenging

Relocating from one area to the other could be a challenging procedure particularly when there is a whole office involved. Unlike a residence, your workplace is your business as well, so the move has to be as quick as possible. As a result of the quick transition called for, there are many small pieces of information that need your interest. Forgetting these points might result in significant troubles for your business.

Whether you are searching for neighborhood moving or relocating far away and looking for domestic or workplace mover, Wolley Movers Chicago could obtain your personal belongings where they have to go as well as have them there when you need them. This is the primary reason that you will certainly be in demand of a list to lead you throughout the action and also make certain that you move your company without any type of major setbacks.

A conference room.
Whether moving your office or your residence, there will be plenty of tasks in the upcoming period.

There are many reasons why you should consider making a moving checklist:

  • You will have a precise plan about your moving including possible troubles, B-plans, and solutions;
  • It allows planning a budget for relocation that is not a small problem when moving;
  • Moving checklist surely decreases the possible stress during and after moving;
  • After moving you will be able to organize re-packing and adjusting for a much shorter period of time;
  • There are many legislations that you should prepare and get to know before moving and checklist will remind you of them;
  • In case you move office and your business, you will plan a client’s connection and organization properly.

You should not overdo it when making a moving checklist. It could be a very simple piece of paper that includes every step during moving. However, psychologists say that the simple checking and crossing out of every item that you have finished will make every job easier.

Check mark
People actually find checking relaxing

Preparing and making a moving checklist

Even though you should actually write out your moving checklist while planning, make sure that you have written it long before moving is starting. It means that you should know and plan every step in moving. Do not forget that everything that you have written there is an important part of your moving.

Set a budget

It is obviously the very first thing that you should write on a moving checklist. Get a free moving quote from moving companies. Those will help you with planning. However, include every possible cost of moving and packing. Do not forget the small costs and possible problems.

Compare prices of moving supplies

When planning a budget, you should know about the prices. One of the most important information is the pricing of the boxes and packages. It could sound like a small cost, though. You can also use re-used boxes. However, make sure that you know how much it will cost you, whatever type you decide to use. Ask your moving company for moving boxes, too.

Manage phone number and other contacts

Verify that the local phone services and even net company prepare to give their services at the new office location to prevent expanded downtime. If it is possible, aim to sustain the exact same telephone number. Have a voicemail setting that takes messages without any lapse. Losing the old number might bring about a loss in clients, which is not healthy and balanced for your place of work.

Negotiate with multiple companies

You should check prices with different moving companies. In order to find affordable movers in Chicago, you should know all the prices. Each of them has discounts and lower prices for some parts in the moving process. However, put the possible negotiations on the moving checklist. Every company has many different moving services. If you are moving far from their reach, terminate their services and speak to a neighborhood cleaning company business to start working with the new office.

A person holding a chart and a laptop next to him
Before the relocation, every moving company has to talk with the client

Make an inventory list

You should know that the inventory list comes at the beginning of every moving process. It should include literally everything that you want to move. Do not forget to separate them by importance. There are things that come at the bottom of the truck. They are fragile or necessary for the first days after moving. Making an inventory list makes re-packing easier. Bear in mind that you need to establish the mail forwarding to ensure that the Blog post Office will supply your emails to the address you are transferring to. This will prevent hold-up of mail and even the new resident getting your mail.

Research and find legislation

There is important legislation that you should know before moving. You should research a place where you want to move in. Research schools and neighborhoods. It is also important to know the climate or weather for the first days after moving. Whatever you are planning to do before moving, it should be on the moving checklist.

Clean up safe deposit box

It should be one of the last things to do when moving. However, when moving starts you could forget about it. Put it on the moving checklist as a thing that you should do when moving is almost finished. Of course, do not write a password or other information there.

Make a list of questions that you will ask movers

You may think that you have asked everything. On the other hand, you maybe think that you will have time for information when moving starts. Do not be fooled by time or great workers in moving company. It is much better to have prepared questions for them before they come.

Last days before moving

These days are the most stressful in the moving process. Making a moving checklist should prevent whatever is possible in that process. Include things that you feel are the most questionable but important. It is essential that you educate your customers and also clients of your action and also give them directions to the new workplace.

Set a schedule

Like in planning, the schedule should prepare you for the moving process. However, it should make it simpler and easier thanks to all possible problems. Include possible delays or problems in the schedule, too. Inform all your business employees and clients about your moving day, as well as the direction to the brand-new workplace. Guarantee them that there will be no disruption of business. It is extremely important that you educate your insurance carriers of the date you will certainly be leaving the old properties and also moving to the brand-new place.

Checklist with checked fields
Only with a moving checklist can you be sure that you have done everything

Sort items

It is a very simple process, though. You know the importance of every item that you want to pack. Put on the list the place where every one of those items should be. On the other hand, make a list of the things that you need to put on the top while moving. Even if you are making use of the solutions of a relocating firm, it is vital to have your workers manage their own packaging. This will certainly make it easy for them to find their things as well as avoid any kind of hold-ups.

Take measurements

You can put on the list a reminder that you need to measure everything before moving. Not only that it will make your moving process easier, but it will also be helpful for workers in moving company, too. You should also know how much space every one of those items takes.

Order supplies

It should not be so hard, but people usually forget to order packing supplies. Some companies cannot send you empty boxes whenever you want. In that case, you risk possible delaying. It is much simpler to put it on the moving checklist.

Label everything properly (and order labels)

Obviously, you cannot just put the thing in the boxes. However, you will forget about labels if you do not put it on the moving checklist. Simply write it down and order them. You can use labels from the internet. In that case, put on the list a reminder to check sites for them.


Insurance is very important when the moving process starts. It will protect you from any possible troubles and damages. However, in order to find the most affordable insurance, you will need to compare their prices and conditions first. Put on the moving checklist as one of the important things to do.

What after moving?

You may think that your moving process is over after you have moved. Everything that you needed to do has been done. However, there are many things that you will need to do after moving. Do not forget to put them on a moving checklist, too.

Two people signing a contract.
Let everyone know about your new whereabouts.

Inform new clients

Talk to your lender ahead of time to ensure that your business checks will have the new office place or address printed on them. Your company’s new address is very important and you should have the stationery such as place of work cards and also letterheads altered. As you do this, do not forget your web site and even an online representation of your company such as your social media platforms. Ensure you notify any sort of solution company you have an arrangement with concerning your move and also your brand-new area.

Moving from one location to another one can be a hectic and turbulent task. We can guarantee you that after reading our moving checklist, moving your house or office will be a piece of cake!

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