How much does a local move cost?

Moving Tips - January 10, 2019

So, you have decided to move, huh? Well, good for you. We all need some change from time to time and while moving away is not an everyday thing, sometimes it really is the best solution. Reasons vary, of course, but there is one constant, however, and that is that moving is tough. Planning a move depends on so many factors, that in some cases it can really bum you out. Hiring good moving companies Chicago for instance, for some people can be a hard task. This is a must, however, since hiring a good moving company is really important. Managing your budget is also really important, and it also depends on whether you are moving locally or not. So, what does “moving locally” mean and much does a local move cost?

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Moving is never easy, so hire a moving company.

In the moving industry, the term “local move” generally refers to an “intrastate move“. The key part of expression being “intra” which is Latin for “within”. So, when we say that someone is moving locally, that means that they are moving to a place that is inside their state’s borders. For instance, if you are moving in Illinois, hiring local movers Chicago offers will cover your move, easily. Now, as for how much does the local move cost, it really does vary from case to case.

How much does a local move cost on an average?

Though the cost does vary from case to case, it is possible to get an average estimate for a move. The American Moving and Storage Association gave probably the most reliable estimate. According to their data, moving your household locally costs about $2,300. The math is done for the most common situation of hiring 4 movers with the cost of $200 per hour. The average weight is calculated as 7,400 pounds. Now, this all depends, of course, on how large your home is, i.e. how many things you have. You should get a free moving quote in order to get an estimation of how much does a local moving cost.

How is the moving cost determined?

Well, basically, you get a flat cost per hour when moving locally. Now, there are, of course, those factors that affect the whole thing. The most important one is the number of movers that you are going to need for your the move. Then, there are different services that you can pay extra. For instance, you may require help in packing so you can pay additionally for that service. Let’s say you have a piano. Not every moving company is willing or, more importantly, qualified to move a piano. Those that offer piano moving services Chicago will charge it additionally.

Furthermore, there are various potential problems that may raise the may influence how much does a local move cost. If you are on the 10th floor and lift is not working, that could be a really big problem for the movers and they would probably raise the cost significantly. Disassembling and reassembling furniture and extra add-ons also raise the cost. What you need to do is to ask the moving company representative about which add-ons are needed for the move, and if there are any, are they actually included in the price.

There is also the flat moving rate option

There are two ways of how moving companies determine how much does a local move cost. The first we covered in the previous section, while the second one is the flat moving rate option. How does this work? While the previous option depends on a multitude of factors and the company determines it after the move is over, the flat moving rate option represents the moving company’s estimated cost. They send a representative to your home to scan the situation. After that, they make their estimation based on the estimated number of hours the move will take, multiplied by their hourly rate. Often, this option includes add-ons such as stretch wrap, felt pads and mattress bags.

Many factors determine how much does a local move cost
Before you say “yes”, think carefully.

Some exceptions do exist

As is the case with any other industry, there are certain exceptions that may influence how much does a local move cost. For instance, if you are moving farther than a certain distance, the cost may vary. Companies mostly consider the 50 miles a limit for this. When you are moving over that limit, they will determine the cost differently rather than basing it on the standard hourly rate. The company will base the moving cost on how much does the shipment weigh. This is actually similar to how determining the cost of the interstate move. Bear in mind that the costs and hourly rate wary from company to company, but also from state to state.

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You need to organize your items before you move, so make an inventory list

One thing people often forget about – the travel fees!

Hint: Do not forget about these. When moving from one city to another, the movers have to go through a lot of checkpoints, that is for sure. That is why you will have to account for these also since they are unavoidable. Paying the travel fee covers several things, however. The fuel for getting from point A to point B and the labor fees are all a part of travel fees. Furthermore, the travel fee covers the time that the movers spend on getting from the company to the point A. When talking about the local move specifically, you should expect to pay a travel fee of one hour’s rate.

One pro tip for you: Make an inventory list!

This may not sound like a big deal, but it most certainly is! Making an inventory list and a quality one at that can go a long way in making your move a smooth one. First of all, when you make an inventory list, the packing part of the move will much easier. You will be able to organize packing a lot better. Furthermore, when unpacking it will be a lot easier for you to check whether movers damaged or misplaced something. Also, having a list such as this will help the moving company give you a better-estimated cost.

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