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The moving process, depending on where you move and who you hire, can cost a lot. The final price depends on many different factors, such as if you’re looking for a commercial or a residential moving quote in the Chicagoland area. Getting an estimate is a way to get the idea of your costs. Sometimes people are surprised by the final quote. That’s because they don’t consider all the factors that affect the final price. Don’t be one of them. We are here to offer you a free and instant moving quote for your moving needs, and we can also help you understand moving quotes in Chicago and get the precise moving estimate of your home.

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Read the details on how to get the best moving quotes Chicago offers.

Why Do You Need a Precise Moving Quote?

It may look easy to calculate the costs when you first start thinking about moving. However, as you go further into the matter, you find out about all the items that may affect the final price. That’s why you can do a free estimate first to get a rough idea of your moving costs. This way, you will know where to start from and how to cut costs if necessary.

Is a Free Moving Estimate Enough?

Not really. It is just a rough estimate of your moving situation. After you get the idea on how much it can cost, our team will come to the site and give you all the information and explain every detail of it. When you hire a moving company in Chicago, it is very important that someone from their team comes to your home and checks all the details about your move. Sometimes high floors, tricky halls, no elevators, and heavy or specialty items can affect the price significantly.

Be sure to show all the items you need to move and make a detailed inventory list once you decide to move. If a moving company tells you that it isn’t necessary to do in-home visit, we strongly advise you not to hire them. Rough estimates are just an idea and can bring some additional costs later on.

The Precise Quote

The moving company will do an in-home visit and make a list of all the items you have. After that, they should send you the precise quote. Our company will do that in a very short time, and you will get a precise moving quote with all the details listed. It will give you a clear idea of your moving cost. However, if you have any questions or you want to make some changes, you can contact or visit our office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Types of Moving Quotes in Chicago

There are three most common types of moving estimates. Those are:

  • Nonbinding moving estimate: The company gives you a rough idea of your costs, and the final price is later calculated based on the weight of your items. The price may go lower or higher than the first estimate.
  • Binding estimate: A first given price that needs to be paid without any changes at the end of the moving process.
  • Binding not to exceed moving estimate: This is the same as the binding estimate. However, if your items weigh less, the price can be reduced.

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    Be careful what kind of estimate you get when hiring a moving company.

If Necessary, Compare Companies

To make sure you hired the right company, it’s best for you to compare a couple of them. After choosing the companies, make the list of your favorites and ask them to do the moving estimate for you. This way you will have a clear idea of similarities and differences between companies’ offers, and you can choose the one that suits you the best.

Services the Moving Quote Includes

When comparing the companies, people sometimes expect that most of them have the same policies. However, services that are included in the price vary from company to company. Some companies include some services in the price, while others consider those as special services and charge them additionally. You should be aware of that when calculating moving quotes in Chicago.

Moving Quote Tips

  • Start browsing companies on time. If you have enough time to browse the companies, you will make the best decision. Especially if you do a commercial move, such as moving your office, having enough time is a must.
  • Compare estimates. Get at least two or three different moving companies to do a moving estimate. This way you will have the opportunity to compare and choose the best one.
  • Have a clear idea on what you’re moving. If you already made a list of items you need to move, your moving quote will be clear and done in no time. However, you can always change that, or add some items if necessary.
  • Show any specialty items to the estimator. It’s important to say if you have any special, expensive, or really heavy items since those items can affect the price. Our company offers you safe packing and moving services for specialty items, such as piano moving. Valuable and fragile items like this should be packed and moved professionally and carefully.

    If you have a piano, we will pack and move it professionally and with care.

How to Reduce Moving Quotes

After you’ve done a rough, free estimate, there is a chance for you to lower the moving costs. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Sort Your Items and Say Goodbye to Some of Them

We know that every home has some items that are no longer necessary but somehow take space in it. Before the final, precise quote, go through your things and see if there is something you can say goodbye to. You can always sell, donate, or recycle items you don’t really need. This way you will free up space at your new home and lower the moving costs.

Do the Packing Yourself

Most of the items you can pack yourself. Get the right packing supplies—we offer them—and start packing. This way you can significantly lower the moving quote. However, leave the special or fragile items to the professionals.

Choose the Moving Season Wisely

In Chicago, the most popular moving seasons are spring and autumn. That period of the year can be pretty hectic and can bring some higher moving rates. To avoid that, chose another moving season if you have the opportunity. However, in Chicago, you should also avoid winter months, since they can be very cold and snowy. Also, having a flexible schedule when moving can get you a more affordable deal with us!