Whether you need to move an office or your home, you will want to do it with the help of someone who has enough experience to make this relocation easy for you. Fortunately, all of you who have to move within the Chicago area are in luck, because Wolley Movers Chicago will be there to help you with your relocation! Our Lincoln Square movers have the necessary knowledge to organize the whole relocation and overcome any problem that might occur during the move. By hiring Wolley, you can be sure that your relocation will be in the hands of one of the best moving company in the state of Illinois! And, to get our services, all you need is to contact us! Schedule your move and leave the rest to our moving professionals!

Are you in need of a reliable Lincoln Square movers?

Are you getting ready to move within the Chicago area? If so, you will want to find reliable local movers Chicago who can help you with your relocation! However, in a city that is as big as Chicago, finding the right moving company might be a little bit tricky. There are so many of them and, unfortunately, only a few can be considered as good moving companies. Therefore, if you want to move with the help of moving experts, you will have to find movers who are professionals and who offer quality moving services. But, how to recognize a good moving company in the sea of average ones? Save yourself the trouble of looking for moving professionals, because you are in the right place! Wolley Movers is exactly what you are looking for!

Who are Wolley Movers?

Wolley Movers is a moving company in Chicago that exists for more than two decades! When we first started our family business, our company was small. However, this hasn’t stopped us to work hard and provide our clients with one of the best moving experiences. Soon, people started to notice us and our work. We became one of the first picks for people who are relocating within the Chicago area. As days passed by, Wolley’s Lincoln Square movers gained more trust and more clients. That has pushed us to the top and how we became one of the best moving company in Chicago!

What makes our Lincoln Square movers one of the best?

Even though we are now a reputable and strong moving company, we are still trying to find ways to make relocations as enjoyable as possible. In order to do so, it is necessary to have hardworking and skillful people in your team. In case you decide to hire Wolley Movers for your upcoming relocation, you will notice how professional our Lincoln Square movers are. Our moving services are carefully chosen and we have come up with different moving strategies that help us provide all of our clients with a stress-free relocation. You might think that these kinds of moving services are pricey, but here at Wolley, they are not! Just by visiting our website, you will have a chance to get a free moving quote and plan your moving budget!

What are our satisfied clients saying?

We have always had a strong position in the industry for being a company that cares, and therefore receives a very high success rating from our customers. You will realize this too, as soon as you get our services! We like to look at our clients as parts of our family. There is no need in telling you that after 25 years in business, we have move thousands of Americans to their new homes or offices. Our family is big, strong, and still growing. 

“The Wolley Movers showed up at my home before the arranged time, which actually gave us more time to work with. The moving team was polite, efficient and full of useful moving info. If you need reliable Lincoln Square Movers, don’t hesitate to hire them! I know that I will, without any doubt, hire them the next time I have to relocate. Thank you, Wolley!”

Our Lincoln Square movers have what it takes!

When you contact a reliable and dependable relocation company, such as Wolley Movers, you will find that the staff makes an intensive effort to treat you with respect as well as with responsiveness. But this is not all! Wolley Movers can offer you much more.


Being a moving company that exists for more than two decades, we have dealt with different types of relocations. We have moved homes, offices, pianos, and other valuable items. We have learned how to act when problems occur during the relocation and how to solve them in record time. In short, when hiring Wolley Movers, you will get people who have the necessary experience and skills to turn every relocation into a successful one.


You can be sure that our Lincoln Square movers will always deliver! They are moving experts who are familiar with the importance of doing things the right way. This is why we organize every move to the smallest details! With our plan, there is no way that something bad will happen during your move. However, experience, skills, and knowledge aren’t enough for a successful move. You also need good and quality moving equipment! And that is exactly what you will get when hiring Wolley Movers.

Our movers Lincoln Square will make sure that your furniture is moved in a manner that will avoid damage, scrapes, and bumps. Any professional relocations services like Wolley Movers will have special tools for the job such as a dolly, a heavy duty handcart that can support heavier weight, and if you have stairs involved in your move, an undersized indoor body board which can be used to ease heavy loads downstairs resulting in minimum turbulence.


Changing the address of your offices and moving them to a new location is a great way to kickstart your business and get your services to a new market! However, during commercial relocations, your business might suffer. This why most businessmen don’t want to deal with relocations and instead they want to focus on the growth of their business. Fortunately, being a serious company, we understand the importance of staying productive even during challenging times. With the help of our reliable office movers Chicago, you can be sure that nothing will endanger your business during the move!


Here at Wolley, you will have a chance to choose from many quality moving services to make your relocation easier. Every relocation is different and every person has different moving requirements. We wanted to meet all of our clients’ needs and that is why we can provide all of you with standard moving services, but also with special ones. Our moving services include:

  • Residential move
  • Commercial move
  • Office move
  • Local move
  • Piano move
  • Packing services and packing supplies

A brief overview of Lincoln Square

Lincoln Square is located on the North Side of the city of Chicago, about seven miles north of downtown Chicago. It is best known for its family-friendly atmosphere, a wide variety of ethnic restaurants, coffee, and locally-owned shops. It is basically over 100 years old! The neighborhood is frequently described as exhibiting an “Old World feel” or that it’s basically “European” in nature. It represents a mixture of traditional German architecture and a more modern one. Here, you can enjoy walking down the old fashioned streets and drink your favorite refreshments at hip bars and restaurants. Living in Lincoln Square is exciting and fun!

Apart from many things to do, here you can enjoy many popular street fests and other events throughout the year that draw locals and tourists alike. Some of the most popular events are the Square Roots Music Festival and the Apple Fest. Is there are a better way to enjoy hot summer days than to do it with your friends while drinking craft drinks, eating delicious street food and listening to some of the best music performers? You can do all of this after moving to Lincoln Square!


Are you ready to hire our Lincoln Square movers?

Do you like what you have just read? If so, hire Wolley Movers for your upcoming move within the area of Chicago! To schedule your move or get more information regarding your relocation and our services, all you have to do is get in touch with us! Our Lincoln Square movers will gladly answer all your questions so don’t hesitate to ask us anything regarding your move! We are looking forward to hearing from you!