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Wolley Movers: 25 Years of Excellence
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The city of Moline is nestled beside and on a broad bluff situated between the banks of the Mississippi River and Rock River in Rock Island County, Illinois. The city’s highland areas are cut across by many deep ravines that break up the city into natural neighborhoods. The city offers some of the most beautiful water views available in the U.S. Its historic Prospect Park even has a totally renovated pavilion that has historic significance. The Centre Main Street is a shopper’s haven as is the South Park Mall. The area boasts so many colleges and universities that it’s impossible to mention them all.

Wolley Movers know how to hoist grand pianos on the sides of tall condominium buildings and even carry priceless antiques in Olde Towne.

The moving packers will undoubtedly come with very high recommendations for unless they are knowledgeable, respectful, and extremely cautious with the belonging entrusted to them and they will receive recommendations from those who live in this area!

Be sure to check with your Realtor, the local Better Business Bureau, and other important but highly reliable consumer advocates prior to hiring a relocation company. Once you’ve checked with those groups you’ll indisputably be astounded as to how highly recommended most moving companies are! If you have been transferred to a company that works out of Chicago, you truly should look into Orlando Park. Wolley Movers have given excellent service to countless executives who have moved to the wonderful city! Part of their expertise is reflected in their careful handling of priceless antiques, as well as the treasured possessions of many people coming into this wonderful city!
Remember to insure your move carefully when the movers presents you with the valuation options. Bear in mind too if you are relocating across state lines that the charges that are on the valuation option will be based on the actual weight of the shipment.

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