How to Pack Your Camera Bag When Moving

How To - May 3, 2019

When it comes to relocation, you will be in front of many different tasks. As packing is one of the most tiresome ones, you might find others’ tips very useful. The safety of you and your belongings should be in the first place. That is why good preparation for the packing process, and moving in general, should be your scope. Among all the things that you have to pack, some of them require more of your attention. If you are thinking about how to pack your camera bag when moving, then you are in the right place. We will try to give you some advice on how to do it properly and have a stress-free relocation.

Moving day is coming

Whatever the reason for changing your living place is, moving to Illinois is a great decision. You will be thrilled with the variety of opportunities this place is providing. Open a new life chapter with a camera bag with you and start making new memories. To enjoy all the beauties of this kind of lifestyle, you will have to organize your relocation first. Creating a moving checklist should be your starting point. By assembling tasks and prioritizing them, you can make your personal guide. A guide that will help you in avoiding possible moving mistakes. Importantly, it can speed up the whole process of moving preparations, save your energy, time and money.

Before you start to pack your camera bag for moving, think about a moving company

Finding a trustworthy moving company for your relocation isn’t such a simple job. It can be difficult to choose the one that can suit your needs, at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, having professional help during your move is half job done. That is why we suggest Oak Park movers, one of the best in this region. The experience is on our behalf, as much as thoughtfulness in every single relocation. Not only that you will have less work and the highest level of safety of your belongings. You will also have more time for yourself and less pressure.

A woman in front of a laptop on a desk
Do a bit of research to find reliable movers

Have a pro packing

Packing is one of the most time and energy – consuming jobs and should not be taken for granted. Protection of your possessions is the key to a successful relocation. Whether it is furniture, clothes, jewelry or a camera, proper packing is a must. That requires finding moving boxes of different sizes and proper packing supplies. In case you do not have time or nerves to do it by yourself, professionals can do that for you, as well. Wolley Movers Chicago are offering different moving services Chicago, among them packing services. With the utmost care, your items will be ready for moving. In case you would like to pack your camera bag personally, let us see how you can do that.

How to pack your camera bag when moving

Any photographer or photo lover understands that the camera is one sensitive item and that camera gear is not cheap. That is the reason why packing of camera equipment has such high importance. It is reasonable to keep the camera and its equipment (lenses, lighting, tripods, memory cards) in good condition. A sort of discipline is required, which means that you should take extra precautions when you pack your camera bag. In most cases, such types of cameras go with suitable bags and backpacks, which you can use on a daily basis. When you are packing your camera for moving, it will not hurt if you take some extra safety measures and avoid possible damages.

Different types of camera bags, and what if you do not have one

There are many forms of professional camera bags that are composed to give the highest level of protection. Some of them are a hard side case with custom foam inserted and a soft-sided bag or case. A hard case is the safest way to move and pack electronics. The foam inside the case allows you to snug each part of the camera. These cases are airtight, watertight and can be locked. Soft-side bags have adjustable compartments where you can put your gear the way you want. These types of bags are less rugged but can hold more stuff.

Pack your camera bag
There are many different types of camera bags

In case you spent all your money on camera gear and do not have a professional backpack, you can easily put it in any other backpack. Check out some easy ways how you can fully protect your camera gear.

Dissembling comes first

First thing you should do is to disassemble everything. Separate lens from the camera, take out the battery, unclip your camera strap, and remove the memory card. It is important to protect each segment of the camera, and you will avoid unnecessary wear during a move. Also, there will be no chance for accidentally switching on of the camera and draining the battery.

Wrap each component separately

The most important part of packing your camera gear is to secure every part is well protected. Wrap each component in cloth made especially for cameras. If you do not have it, you can use any other soft cloth like a cotton t-shirt or a sweater for extra padding. We also recommend different types of packing materials that you can use for packing both camera and other items. Wrap your lens, put at least one layer of packing paper and tape it all together. This process you can apply to each part of your camera equipment.

Camera lenses
Use bubble wrap for packing camera lenses

Make a space for your extras

The most common unpleasant thing that is happening when you are moving your camera gear is a loss of small components. Gather all USBs, cables, memory cards, straps, light gauges, and chargers. If you are using a professional bag, you will have separate pockets for them. If you are packing in an ordinary backpack, find some space between clothes or use the same previous technique of wrapping.

Few more tips that can help you pack your camera bag when moving

There will be never too much cushion when the camera is moving. The next things you might also find useful.

  • As you might be moving in bad weather conditions, protect your bags from water and snow. Use waterproofing raincoat to protect your backpack. It can make a real mess if the water gets inside of your bag and gets in touch with your camera gear. Do not put any bottles of water or food in the same bag as a camera.
  • It is not only how you pack your things but also the choice of the backpack. If you have an option to buy one, we recommend anti-theft camera bag, with solid padding and lockable zips.
  • Tripods are your camera’s best friends so do not forget to protect them, as well. They are made from plastic, wood, aluminum or carbon fiber. They are made to withstand wear and tear but wrapping them in a packing paper will prolong their life span.
Man with a camera and tripod
Do not forget to protect a tripod when packing a camera gear

Now you have more knowledge on how to pack your camera bag when moving. As you can see, with a good packing material and a bit of patience you will not have to worry about it. That gives you more time for performing other tasks, such as finding a reliable moving company. We are at your disposal all the time, so check out our moving quotes Chicago, or give us a call. As your satisfaction is our responsibility, we wish you a pleasant relocation.

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