How to move your home office with ease

How To - August 25, 2019

Relocating your office space requires the same amount of time as a household relocation. There will be a lot of bulky furniture and cabinets to pack, sensitive electronics and several rooms filled with office supplies and documents. In order to relocate your office fast, you will have to hire Chicago office movers and they will assist with the relocation process. Movers can help you to move your home office with ease.

Move Your Home Office With Ease – How To Do It?

You can’t shut down your business for a few weeks just to sort things out. Well, you can, but your business will suffer and you could lose a lot of money, and that’s not something that you want, right? But, as you know, there is not a lot of time to get everything done. Therefore, you should hire moving companies Arlington Heights and get their full-moving services. Regardless of the size of your home office, relocating everything will take a lot of time. If you are trying to move your home office with ease, you should follow these steps:

  • Get The Right Type Of Packing Materials
  • How To Pack Home Office Documents?
  • Pack Your Office Equipment Properly!
  • Hire A Mover to Move Your Home Office With Ease!

Get The Right Type Of Packing Materials

The home office move will go easier if you prepare proper packing materials in advance. Turning to a professional moving company for their packing services is not a bad idea. However, if you are planning to pack all those documents, papers, furniture, electronics and cabinets on your own, you will need to get these packing materials as soon as possible:

  • Strong cardboard boxes
  • Newspaper or wrapping paper
  • Plastic and bubble wrapping materials
  • Packing tape, permanent colored markers and packing labels
opened cardboard box
Gather strong cardboard boxes, packing tape, packing paper, and protective packing materials.

Pack Your Home Office Documents

If you have a home office, you have a lot of important documents to pack! Every office has tons of documents. Those papers can be very heavy if you overpack the box. In order to pack your home office documents properly, you should follow these steps:

  1. Sort Your Documents! It’s a waste of time and money to pack and carry unnecessary documents. Therefore, you should sort your documents before start packing. Divide documents in three different categories: pack, shed and recycle!
  2. Discard Unnecessary Documents. While you are sorting out your documents, you will find plenty of outdated and useless ones. You should destroy unnecessary documents that contain some confidential information and recycle the rest. However, if you think that some of those documents are valuable, you can rent a self-storage unit and store them there safely.
  3. Pack the rest of the documents. Organize and pack important documents that you want to take with you.
  4. Label Boxes Properly. Label each box with a description of its contents.
  5. Move Home Office Documents. Even if the moving crew seems trustworthy and reliable, some documents should always be with you. As an office owner, you certainly possess a lot of confidential documents. Therefore, you should relocate all those documents by yourself.

Pack Your Office Equipment Properly!

Your office is definitely filled with all sorts of electronic equipment, such as laptops, monitors, printers, scanners and so on. Electronic devices are expensive, some more than the others, so, you will have to know how to pack them properly for the relocation. The priority is to protect them before you load them into the van or moving truck. So, here’s what you should do:

  1. Keep cables and wires in order. Before you unplug the cables, you should take the picture of how each device is connected. This move will save you a lot of time when you get ready to connect them again after the relocation.
  2. Get the right type of boxes. If you kept them, you should use the original boxes for your electronic devices. The reason is obvious. Those boxes are optimal and created for the protection of those specific electronic devices. Here are some additional tips for packing and moving your electronic devices.
  3. Backup all important data. Protect all super important electronic work files because everything can happen during the relocation. If your computer suffers some damage during the relocation, you will lose important data. That’s why you should make a copy of those files on the external hard drive or portable USB flash drive.
  4. Use a lot of padding. If you are not able to locate the original boxes for the electronic devices, you will have to use a large amount of padding to protect your electronics before you pack them in cardboard boxes.
  5. Label boxes with electronic equipment.
Find an original box for your monitor.

Hire A Mover to Move Your Home Office With Ease!

Do you want to make packing and relocating process even easier? Hire a professional moving company to protect, pack and relocate your home office fast and safely. Whether you are relocating your home office down the street or you are preparing for a long-distance commercial move, Wolley Movers Chicago are the best for the job! A professional moving company has an ID number and a license. They also have trained workers and years of experience in the moving industry. A professional moving company has plenty of moving services, such as residential move, commercial move, professional packing services, storage solutions, piano, and home safe moving, etc.

However, if you hire a professional mover during the off-peak season, you might also get a discount for some of their services. A professional mover is in high demand during the summer, weekends and last days of the month.

woman-thumbs up
A professional moving company will relocate your home office fast and safely.

As you can see, it’s possible to move your home office with ease! Hiring a professional mover is still highly recommended. However, if you have a lot of confidential documents, you should pack them and transfer with your own car. Have a good move and best of luck with your business!


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