How to choose the best storage for your valuables

How To - March 22, 2019

You decided to become a storage unit owner. It is a brilliant idea and it will open many options for you. At first, it seems very simple to rent one. But if done wrong, you can end up with a money leeching and time-consuming space. This should not bring more headaches to your life, but rather, positivity and a sense of purpose. Therefore, this is exactly why you must obtain basic knowledge on the subject. And we are here to help with that. Here is the simple guide on how to choose the best storage for your valuables. Hopefully, we will cover enough for you to make a fine choice and stick to it for years to come.

Search and choose the best storage for your valuables online

Nowadays the best way to find exactly what you need is to search for it online. And once you start, you might think that it will never end. But the first thing you should do is to narrow down your search by setting some rules. For instance, the location of your storage unit should play a big role in deciding. Also, monthly or yearly price and accessibility. Once you set a few ground rules, your search will become much smoother and more relaxed. A few hours later you will have up to ten, and no less than five different companies on your hands. Next is to compare prices for the services you need and read a few reviews. It is always useful to have a second opinion, especially if it comes from an already satisfied customer.

Before you choose the best storage for your valuables do the online research
Online research will help you find the storage unit

Also, you have a choice between a storing company and a moving company. Both provide similar services and it will be purely your choice what you find most appealing. They usually go hand in hand, so you will most likely turn toward the moving companies. In case you do, we will recommend marvelous Oak Park movers. One of the best moving companies around. We provide services of packing, storing and relocating that is up to the highest standards. Consider that, once the time comes to choose the best storage for your valuables.

Things your storage space should possess

Your needs will dictate the size and the usefulness of your storage unit. You can rent a storage unit purely to store seasonal items like Christmas decor. Or the old family items that you have no heart to throw away. Whatever is the reason, you will make it work by adding specifics. But there are a few mandatory things that every storage unit must have. A good example is a strong and secured door, with a proper lock and key. Then, easy access on foot and with your vehicle. Below you’ll find more examples that can influence when you are to choose the best storage for your valuables.

To cover everyone’s needs

  • Storage units come in many sizes. Most popular ones are medium sized. You can use it to store boxes and containers as well as a motorcycle and similar size items.
  • Climate controlled storage units are used for storing special and valuable items. Keep your electronics, musical instruments or artwork and family photos humidity free and intact.
  • The security of your storage unit is an unavoidable topic. There are a few options as well. Depends on the location and the type of your storage unit. If it is an indoor storage unit that is a part of a bigger complex it should have facility security. They will guard a whole lot and you won’t have to think for a second. Another option is to secure it yourself with safe doors, lockets, and chains. Installing an alarm system and a surveillance camera is a good investment also.
Security camera on the storage unit
Make sure that your storage unit has a surveillance camera
  • Location and access are equally important. Combine the purpose of your storage unit with the time you intend to spend working around it. This way you will conclude how far your storage unit can be. The further away from the municipal center area, the cheaper the rent is.
  • Also, if you do not need to access your storage unit 24/7 that will reduce the renting cost significantly. Usually, those facilities have a dedicated guard that will keep unwanted visitors at bay. But you’ll be unable to access as well since they are closing after 5 pm and open in the morning.

You should have a packing plan

One of the main reasons that might lead you to choose the best storage for your valuables is moving. People usually rent a storage unit when in the process of moving for various reasons. Some want to leave a portion of their belongings behind. This way they can decide later what to do with belongings that could not find their place in a new home. In any case, packing is extremely important. You should use medium and small sized boxes for much easier stacking. This will save a lot of space. Keep big items together and do not leave them on top of the boxes that contain fragile items. Cover floors with pellets and always have a moisture absorbent to reduce humidity levels. Then, you can use shelves and hangers to expand your space. And finally, disassemble all furniture and wrap expensive items in protective sheets or blankets.

In case you do not want to handle the process of packing yourself, you can seek help. We can vouch for packing services Chicago provided by Wolley Movers Chicago. With a highly professional approach and years of service, we are one of the best choices. Packing was never cheaper!

Four season coverage

Since most of you are using storage units year-round, it is of extreme importance to keep it clean and dry. You can clean it yourself regularly after each visit. Or check with the facility manager if they have a maintenance crew that will care about the basics. Among other things, you should not forget to place a few rodent repellants in your storage unit. You won’t be happy if a rat moves in and chews his way through your moving boxes. The hygiene of the property where your unit is located should be on the highest levels. This is one of the deciding factors on how to choose the best storage for your valuables.

Man cleaning the hall
Maintenance of the storage facility is very important

Items you do not need, someone else might

The last thing we should mention is the excess belongings you do not know what to do with. Those items can make a clutter in your home, garage, attic, basement and storage unit. There are several options. First and easiest is to simply throw away stuff you do not need. Most of us will choose an alternative over filing the dumpster with our belongings. In that manner, we will encourage you to donate to your local charity organization. Check which one oversees your neighborhood and make an appearance. Another solution is to recycle and make an environmental contribution to society. And lastly, you can organize a sale. Garage or a yard sale will suffice. In conclusion, it is important to declutter your home regularly.

Now you know even more on how to choose the best storage for your valuables. With a few hours of research and a couple of visits, you’ll surely find a match. What is left, is for you to turn on the artistic mode and organize your storage unit. We are sure it will be a useful and yet a lovely space to spend time in. Good luck in your search.

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