Pulaski Park

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Pulaski Park is a neighborhood directly west of Goose Island and east of Wicker Park. This small middle-class neighborhood is named after a Polish war hero who died in action in the Revolutionary war, while fighting for America, named Casimer Pulaski. There is a park named Pulaski Park, of course, and its field house is often held in admiration throughout the country. The large field house is a three-story creation that houses a theater and an indoor pool. It is handsomely built in ways that portray Eastern European architecture, such as found in Poland, and was constructed in 1914.

Most of the area still maintains its Polish heritage, and thus the people of are respectful of others. The local movers are also respectful of your family’s belongings when moving.

Moving company in chicago areaThe streets are filled with a tremendous diverse array of eclectic shops, coffee houses, restaurants and very personalized boutiques. The world-famous Second City Theatre has been established for years, actually since the 50’s. Second City Theater is most renowned for having introduced such comics as Bill Murray, John Candy and Betty Thomas. There was also Dan Aykroyd, and Gilda Radner to name a very few!
They are world famous comedians, but we are a famous moving company- Wolley Movers, and if you ask for a great relocation services our name will pop right up!

Many musicians and assorted artists have made their home in the this place. This used to be home to tiny studio spaces that had been constructed in order to house students of the still close at hand Art Institute of Chicago. Some of the more favorite musicians were Mama Cass, of “The Mamas and the Papas” fame as well as Janis Joplin a blues rock American music arranger, songwriter as well as singer.Their music survives even today, and our Moving Company by the name of Wolley Movers frequently plays their songs when moving people in and out of this historic neighbourhood.

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