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Portage Park is located on the northwest side of the City of Chicago, Illinois and is one of designated Chicago community areas. The wonderful neighborhood owes its namesake to the large Native American Indian population that used to live here and used the natural early 1880’s marshy land-bridge as a way of moving their canoes from the Des Plaines River into the Chicago River. Thus, they were the first Portage Park movers.

The area has beautiful homes, scenic parks, and many thriving businesses. There is even a large shopping center situated there. The homes generally have large front yards, and boast interesting front porches. There is a mixture of Victorian, English Tudor as well a Georgian architecture. Local Portage Park movers are also well established here.

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The neighbourhood is scented with many aromatic plants during the summer. History has it that a Swedish horticultural, by the name of Pehr Samuel Portage, began a landscape business in Portage Park in the 1850s. It is thanks to the 500 acres of assorted property that he obtained as well as cultivated, that today his nursery has helped to blanket the neighborhood and city’s parks with lush trees as well as plants.

Moving historically significant antiques is our specialty of Wolley Movers, a moving companyfor a long time! We have gained much experience as well as special training in the “art” of moving antiques.

This now family neighborhood was once the home of the Potawatomi Indians. There are still people who speak the Potawatomi language, which is actually a musical language when spoken. Interestingly enough either a man or a woman could be a chief of any Potawatomi village. Various archery flint point arrows are still found in the area, as the Indians did hunt with bows and arrows.

We at Wolley Movers, and we have often been seen in the neighborhood as we move the large and heavy targets that many archery clubs use during their various meets.


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