Pill Hill

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Pill Hill neighborhood is located in the Calumet Heights community area on the South Side of Chicago. It is a delightfully safe as well as a sheltered area in which to raise your family in the city. The neighborhood has its whimsical as well as charming name because a number of doctors and other healthcare workers at the nearby South Chicago Hospital once picked this area as their prime living destination. Although most have moved to more expensive housing, what remains are very high quality middle-class homes for workers as well as other professionals.

Wolley Movers are renowned to give excellent care to the belongings of those they move, just as the movers once gave excellent care to their residences.

The Polish culture is often celebrated in the area.For example, wondrous parades held on Polish Fest draws people from everywhere in the United States. Foods that are special to the Polish people can be found in small grocery stores all around. These foods include pierogis, kaszankas, babka cake and of course the Polish sausage that’s known to all Americans, the kielbasa.

The Polish people are an honorable people, for it is in their heritage to be respectful. Thus they have chosen us the most respectful relocation company in this neighborhood and that is the Wolley Movers.

This a wonderful place to bring up children as so many entertaining times can be had at the park with its amazing programs all engineered for fun as well as instruction. The Polish people’s admiration for art is shown by the beautifully portrayed art mural painted upon the proscenium arch above the stage located in field house.

Wolley Movers are also tremendously careful in helping families, often giving your young child their own box to move what they consider are their most private belongings. This gives your child a feeling of being a part of the moving experience, and removes many fears of moving. Contact us today for a free quote and we will assure you a safe and ensure moving experience!

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