Peterson Park

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Peterson Park is a middle class neighborhood located on the far North Side of the City of Chicago. It has been the home of many Minor League baseball players. As kids they played and were cheered as Little League Players first as well and has been used for baseball since the 1930’s!

The Thillens family, who simply loved baseball and thus wished for a place for their Little Leaguers to play, constructed the floodlit stadium! It is a fully functional baseball stadium, by the way.

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The neighborhood is renowned for its incredibly gorgeous and very stately Queen Ann homes, which is basically a Victorian house style. The Queen Anne homes are some of the most elaborate as well as being the most eccentric. The style is often referred to as both romantic and feminine.

Some of the huge homes in this area are positively astonishing with their fancy turrets as well as their excessive gingerbread! We have the best relocation services company- Wolley Movers have a terrific amount of experience in helping people relocate into these homes with their many stairs and amazing twists and turns.

Peterson Park himself was inordinately proud of the wonderful neighborhood and donated much of the land for its parks such as the arcade and kids playing area! These areas not only offer children a chance to play on the many pieces of playground equipment, but the adults find peaceful solace in the park as they watch the children play.
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