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The Near South Side is a community area of Chicago in Cook County, Illinois, United States. It is located just south of the downtown central business community area, the Loop. It is one of the most dynamic of Chicago’s communities, that has undergone a metamorphosis from a Native American homeland to a blue collar settlement, to an elite socialite residential district.

Wolley Movers have set the trend of favorable operating performance with every move accomplish. Our presence has been marked by disciplined moving philosophies. As such we are inordinately proud to now be rated as the oldest, most experienced movers in the neighborhood.

You can actually have peace of mind when relocating knowing that you are in excellent hands with professional packers that will be hard workers, show up on time, and will not damage your property while moving you. We will also understand your wishes and follow through on them without hesitation!
Moving in Chicago

That kind of relocation experience is what has made us the premier moving company in your area. Our well trained specialist are all nice guys who will move you with a smile which may be priceless but we never charge extra for those!

We offer the best and affordable rate services to our clients. Providing them all the necessary needs and materials for relocating. Many of the companies found have gone “green.” As the one particular relocation company that cares, we at Wolley Movers will “ramp up” the way that we handle moves so that we can make a definitive commitment to create a sustainable environment.

For instance, we maintain our trucks so that there are fewer fumes from our trucks, knowing that the diesel fuel we must use is very harmful to the environment. Also, after your move is over, we will actually recycle everything that was used too, such as the boxes, and wrapping paper. Obviously we take “green moving” quite seriously! Contact us today and plan your moving with us, we guarantee a safe and stress-free moving experience!

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