Planning Your Move Overseas

Chicago - March 1, 2019

If you have decided to move overseas, congratulations! You will surely dive into the new life challenge. It could be your decision to change a job, for example. In that case, you will be able to change the working atmosphere. The best is that you are coming from the United States, so every relocation should be simple. However, if you find yourself in trouble, you always could contact the US embassy and come back home.

Moving overseas can be hard work. There are a thousand information to take care of, a hundred dilemmas to avert, as well as there is a lot of arguments to work out. Do you not simply wish that you could hire a person to deal with that information for you? Actually, you could do exactly that! By working with an abroad relocating solution, you can delegate the tasks that have to be done to the people that can do them the very best. Here are some means by which an abroad relocating service can help you.

Skylines and a ship in front of them
Moving overseas means changing your life


The initial inquiry that enters your mind when moving overseas is “where am I visiting stay?” An overseas relocating company could aid you with relocating to an area of your very own. By speaking to branches in various areas, an abroad relocating service would certainly have the ability to discover an area to call your own. Often, they will certainly reveal some choices which match your requirements. From there, you could decide which ones to choose from.

You have to be cautious, nevertheless, as some could attempt to scam you by giving you all the information about the positives of a residence while not disclosing the actual offer. They may attempt to get your cash and even leave you in some dump. This is the reason why you should select an abroad moving solution that you could trust.

Six-months worth of savings

You cannot just jump into the new job, place, career. Especially if you move overseas. Make sure that you have prepared money for a transition period. You will not be able to find a job immediately. Even you find a job soon after arriving, it will not be easy to manage all the costs when moving. You should not move overseas and plan it as a last minute moving, thought. So, after you have decided to move overseas, start with savings.

Find a job

You know that you will need to find a job as soon as possible. It means that you can find a job even before you move overseas. It should not be so hard nowadays. You have the internet, online platforms, forums. If your current company has branches, things should be easier. Ask your boss for advice or a recommendation.

Contact real-estate company

You know that you should sell your current home. It also means that you should find another one after your move overseas. You should do this before moving. Check with your real estate company if they have an office in the country you are moving in. It also means that you have contacted the realtor about the house you are living in.

Organize pet relocation

Our pets are maybe the most stressed ones when moving. They do not understand what is happening. Staying calm is also hard for them. On the other hand, every country has special rules about animal traveling. It is needed to prepare a passport and veterinarian examination certification. Ask for these legislations when deciding to move long distance.

Reservations as well as other paperwork

When you are moving overseas, there are a bunch of documents that need to be dealt with. Occasionally, it is simply difficult to do all this on your own. One way that an abroad moving solution could help you is to handle the papers that are of little concern. You still make the choices; however, they can aid push the paper around so you don’t need to.

A bag below the table
Plan your moving overseas carefully

Check documentation

As for your pet, you should prepare your documents, too. Every country in the world should have special legislation about foreigners. It is not hard to check all those legislations, though. You can ask an attorney or worker in an embassy for advice. Some countries demand visa or working visa, too. Also, ask which type of driving license you will need after you move abroad.

Contact your bank

Some countries allow you to keep the same account abroad. However, for US citizens it is not that simple. They must fulfill special tax certification. You may not be allowed to have a US bank account after moving abroad. You should check it before moving.

Visit your doctor

Not only that you will need to check your health before you move overseas. You will also need to know everything about health insurance. US has special STEP health and life insurance that is worth in every part of the world. On the other hand, you should be able to use US health insurance in every country in the world.

Setting up transport

An abroad relocating solution could help you prepare the transportation that you require for your belongings. As a matter of fact, an overseas moving business could even save you some money on the products. It is typically the case that an overseas moving company has some sort of plan with a freight company in order to get minimized rates on relocating your cargo. One worry about this, nevertheless, is the fact that a lot of overseas moving services supply the solutions of only one products business.

Research the place where you will be living in

It should not be hard when we have the internet to research the place for living. As the matter of fact, we can research every part of the world easily. Try to research the country thoroughly. Check their culture, customs, and how to behave there.

Inform your old friends and family about the address

Do not forget to leave contact before move overseas. In the era of internet and social network, we forget that people cannot find us easily. It is also important if you move a business with you. Old clients should be able to contact you as soon as you arrive in a new home.

Manage all services at the new home

Under “services”, we presume gas, electricity, and cable TV. Do not forget that you will come into a new home that is empty. Old owners have surely not left those services on their names. However, you can wait for those things for a long time. That is why it is important to manage it before you move overseas.

Book tickets, hotel

Sometimes moving does not go easy. That is a process that circumstances can delay for so many reasons. In order to prevent all troubles, book a hotel for the first few nights. However, book it before moving so it will wait for you when arriving.

Make copies of all documents

Although not so hard, people forget these things. You will prepare documents for passport, visas or driving license. However, do not forget to make copies of all documents and take it with you. Also, put every document in an empty folder or online drive.

Now is the time for a garage sale

We are sure that if you hired one of the best Edgewater movers you have properly packed everything in trucks. However, you will not take everything with you. Some piece of wardrobe, decoration or old toys you should sell. It will be a good closure before you move overseas. It could also be a backyard party.

Packing to move overseas

This is just one of the most discouraging parts of moving overseas. Packaging takes up most of the moments spent in prep work for relocating overseas. An abroad relocating service could assist you to pack your belongings and save them so that they don’t get damaged on the way. An additional benefit to having an abroad moving service pack your stuff is that you could be certain not to miss out on anything. You could additionally save a great deal of cash by having the ability to maximize the room set aside to you.

Bunch of suitcases
It is not easy to pack for moving overseas

Before packing you should consider these things:

  • Do you know how the place where you are moving in look?
  • What if you do not have any contact with people there, can you settle in if you are alone?
  • Have you prepared an emergency bag for the first few days?
  • If you know how much moving boxes you will need?
  • Are you informed about the new job you want to work in after move overseas?
  • Did you prepare all the documents that you may need in this process?

Packing should not be a hard job

Except in cases when you are literally running from something, you should not use emergency movers for packing unless you have to. It will be easier to make a plan and pack things slowly and carefully. Use the help from moving company. They are skilled in packing for moving overseas.

Prepare an essentials box and money

It is not simple to move overseas. You will not come in a house prepared for you. There are high chances that you will not have a bed or bathroom. Maybe you will need to go to the hotel. Prepare an essentials box and cash and take them with you. It will help you move overseas and make it simpler, just like Wolley Movers Chicago did with our useful tips.

You have to be quite careful, nonetheless. It is also important to know that you have to check your belongings correctly. Packing can be a tiresome job, however, at the very least you are truly sure that you have every little thing. Hiring an overseas moving solution can aid you a whole lot. By delegating the jobs that need to be done, you can focus on the activities that you desire.

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