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Planning on extending your business or moving into a new office? Looking for commercial movers in Chicago to relocate all your workplace stuff? Look no further; contact Wolley Movers Chicago now. We are a professional moving company relocating offices and entire businesses for more than 25 years. During this period of time, we have learned to listen to our customers. We try to learn everything there is to know about your business, which makes the move easier and faster.

Commercial Moving Services, Chicago, IL

As a successful big or small-business owner, we are sure that keeping your business up and running is your number one goal at all times. However, if for some reason or another, you have to relocate your office to a different place, some chaos is about to ensue. During this period of change, keeping your staff members composed and at the top of their game may not be an easy task. Don’t worry! Our commercial movers in Chicago are there to help you relocate your office or entire business in Chicago without causing any disruptions in the functioning of your business.

Moving Your Commercial Business?

two movers loading a large item onto the truck
Our office movers Chicago are the best at what they do.

The long-distance commercial movers at Wolley Movers have earned an A+ rating in the relocation industry by satisfying hundreds of commercial clients. “Our business is moving your business.” That’s our motto. At Wolley Movers Chicago, we specialize in every aspect of commercial relocation, including packing services, transportation, and unpacking. Our highly experienced and motivated staff includes the best commercial packers and movers in the business. They know what it takes to complete a move. And they do so in the safest and the most efficient of ways. During any move, we give our best to make sure that we do everything as quickly and efficiently as possible so that your business is only off for a short period.

During the whole process, we take every precaution to make sure that nothing happens to your important files and documents. We pack all your important documents in such a way that they don’t get mixed up with other documents or get lost during the moving process. We have also developed different methods of protecting your electronics, making sure that they are safely packed, transported, and unpacked. You will have all your electronics running like they were in your old office. With a large base of satisfied customers, we can proudly say that Wolley Movers is one of the best commercial movers Chicago has to recommend. All the customers we have helped have nothing less than positive feedback and a 5-star rating for our services and customer relations.

Need a Local Chicago Office Moving Company?

We have been providing moving services and meeting different needs of Chicago businesses for the past 25 years. Our office movers in Chicago service customers in Chicagoland with the highest levels of professionalism. With all the happy customers, we have received positive feedback and become the best moving company in Chicago. With 25 years of experience, we have learned that proper planning is the most important piece of the moving puzzle. Proper planning helps you execute your move properly, which is why we start every move with a proper plan.

commercial movers Chicago standing by the moving truck
Commercial movers Chicago crew from Wolley Movers – your professionals on demand.

We treat each of our customers in the best manner, offering the most competitive prices in the industry. Our commercial movers in Chicago are an affordable relocation team, providing commercial services at cheap rates. If you choose us, you won’t have to worry about the price, reliability, or quality of our work. Your commercial items will be transported in the best conditions and safety measures will be followed to ensure that none of your items are damaged or scratched.

We will create a plan based on the items to be moved and the destination. This will assist our employees to calculate the time to be taken. When everything is planned, the move is smooth and seamless. We will make your transition from one business location to the other a simple process that is fast and organized.

Cost-Efficient Moving with Minimal Business Disruption

At Wolley Movers, we understand that there are office items and business equipment that needs special care. This is why we have trained employees who will ensure that all your electronics and office furniture are safely loaded, transported, and unloaded.

We have aligned our business model according to your needs so that we can provide you with a cost-effective and smooth transaction. At Wolley Movers, we employ highly skilled and experienced staff to handle your moving for you. Our services are charged at very affordable rates. We provide accurate moving quotes in Chicago that are free. There are no hidden charges applied. You will be billed only for the services you receive, and these are the services that you need. We always work towards the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

All our services are geared towards providing our customers with a different moving experience. We let you relax as we take care of the moving process. All items will be protected during transportation to reduce all the damage risks. Items will be arranged and organized according to their nature and this is what eliminates chances of breakages and any other form of damage.

If you are moving your business from one location to the other or your office to new business premises, then you will need the best moving services in Chicago. You can trust Wolley Movers to take care of all your office items and equipment.

For more details, you can drop us an email, give us a call, or fill our online form and ask for a free quote. We will do our best to provide you with the best and the cheapest office relocation services in Chicago.

Individual Office Relocation Plan

Whether we are talking about a commercial or residential relocation, there is one thing that connects these two moving types: no two relocations are the same. When you hire Wolley Movers, you will get a customized moving plan. And, one of the best things is that we treat your office relocation with care, no matter whether you’re a small, local startup or a big and reputable corporation.

Colleagues on a meeting., disussing the wise decision of hiring our commercial movers Chicago
For our commercial movers Chicago, the well-being of your business is one of our biggest priorities.

We’ll Take Good Care of Your Items

Everyone who has ever worked in an office knows how many sensitive items there are. For starters, there are many computers that must be safely transported from point A to point B, and they aren’t cheap. Moreover, every office contains dozens and dozens of documents which are vital for the proper functioning of a business. Imagine the nightmare if even one of them were to get lost, not to mention what would happen if you lost all of them.

Luckily, with our local movers in Chicago, you will have no such worries. Our team of office movers in Chicago has been trained so that they will have what it takes to safely transport all of your items.

  • Our commercial movers in Chicago know the best way to pack and protect your items.
  • If the need presents itself, our Chicago office movers can easily disassemble and reassemble your furniture.
  • Attention is crucial for our movers, and they handle every item you own as if it were their own.

Find the best commercial movers Chicago has to offer and let someone else do the heavy lifting.

Over Before You Know It

It doesn’t matter whether you are switching homes or offices. If there is one thing you want your relocation to be, it is quick. Nobody wants to live out of moving boxes for weeks when it can be over within a matter of days. And, if you have a business, and your salary and the salary of your employees depends on how successful your business is, you really can’t afford to have relocation that drags on and on. With our commercial movers in Chicago, this won’t be a problem.

Our Chicago office movers are so trained that they will make relocation seem like the easiest thing ever. They will come to your office already prepared for what is ahead of them. This preparedness will enable them to do the job quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to your routine as soon as possible.

A black alarm clock to time our Chicago office movers.
With our Chicago office movers, there is no time to waste when it comes to your commercial relocation.

Our Chicago Office Movers Are Punctual

The first rule of the corporate world is that you must be punctual at all times. The worst you can do is come late for a meeting, as this shows lack of professionalism. Don`t worry; we are well aware of this. Our commercial movers in Chicago will arrive at the previously agreed upon time. You won’t have to anxiously wait by the phone and wonder what could be happening. We will surprise you with a punctuality that even the best of professionals could be envious of.

Office Relocation Tips

Wolley Movers is always here for you! So, we would like to give you some office moving tips that we have accumulated over the years. Perhaps some of them can help you have a smoother relocation!

Let your employees help

You aren’t alone in dealing with a move. Your employees are also going through the same thing. Since you work together as a team when it comes to business, there is no need for that to change now. Act as a leader—one who helps, and not one that just bosses around—and distribute the tasks. Entrust your staff members with different tasks you must take care of before your movers arrive.

Declutter Your Office

It is very easy for unnecessary things to accumulate in your office. All that it takes are some documents that are past due, and you could have a lot of mess around your office. A few weeks before your moving date, you should declutter your office. Take a few hours out of each day and go through a cabinet or two. Again, you can have your employees help you clean out your office quickly.

If it turns out you have some old office furniture, perhaps you could donate it to a charity. Everyone will benefit from this, and your moving cost will get lower. What more could you possibly want?

A clutter-free desk to have before Chicago office movers arrive.
To lower your moving cost, you need to de-clutter your office.

With our Chicago office movers, your relocation will seem like a walk in the park, so don’t wait to contact us. Whether it`s over the phone or face-to-face, we can`t wait to meet you and start this journey together.

Contact Us for Your Office Relocation

Office relocation is an extremely difficult task and maybe one of the most challenging physical tasks your business has ever undertaken. During your relocation, some or all of the segments of your organization will be out of operation for a considerable period of time. The move should be quick so that your business is only closed for a short time. You’ll get more time to settle into your new place and get back to your normal operations without any problem.

You can send us an email or give us a call for further discussion relating to your move. We’d like to help you as much as we can and give you the best commercial moving services at an affordable rate. Call us today and we will answer any questions and provide the information you might need revolving around commercial or general moving services and the surrounding areas.

“Wolley Movers moved our office to Chicago in July 2009. All services were competitively priced, and all issues related to move were handled professionally. I would recommend Wolley Movers to help with all your moving requirements.” ~ Candy Olson, President, OregonLive.co

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