In need of a local Mover?

Kilbourn Park is part of the Irving Park community area and a primarily middle class residential and industrial area. It is still overflowing with delightful nineteenth century charisma and unbelievably gorgeous green grass squares, and there’s even the renowned amazing Organic Greenhouse located there.

When you need relocations services, you will find that from our very own CEO on down to those in charge of moving you as well as the drivers who will be handling your possessions, each person is there for one purpose only-to put together your transition in such a way that it is a smooth one. In order to bring you a flawless move, our crew is friendly, extremely skillful, and most of all, thoroughly professional.

A great relocation company in the neighborhood is Wolley Movers, we are heavily experienced in moving specialty items, such as antiques, that are subject to costly repairs when handled in an indelicate manner.

You see it takes a certain kind of packers to move antiques, much less being experienced in moving the large antiques that are often featured where they have 16′ ceilings .Our well trained workers will arrive and blanket wrap all your oversized antiques. This will not just protect those antiques, but this will save you money, as they do not crate your furniture unless you make a special request for them to do so.

Good relocations services such as Wolley Movers who move antiques, always come especially prepared. For instance, we will have plastic wrap to protect some furniture from possibly getting wet if it is raining, because even the slightest amount of dampness may ruin the finish on some older antiques.

Our packers will also have blankets to protect the furniture, we know to proceed very slowly over any doorjambs or thresholds if we use a heavy furniture dolly, because even tiny bumps may put very expensive dents in older antique furniture. You may also notice that the man, who handles mattresses, or for instance an antique white settee, will definitely go to wash his hands prior to handling those items where dirty fingerprints may show.