Know-how about the pick-up and delivery dates?

Blog - October 14, 2018

Arguably, one of the most important qualities a moving company should possess is punctuality. Everyone who has ever moved knows how important it is that a moving company respects the agreed upon schedule. No one wants to spend hours wondering when their movers will arrive to pick up their items. And, what is even worse, no one wants to find themselves in a situation where you do not know when you will see your precious possessions again. Thus, the pick-up and delivery dates are two crucial moments of your relocation, that decide whether it will be a complete success or an utter failure.

Do your research before hiring movers

The truth is that every moving company, no matter how reputable it is, can still be late with picking up or delivering your items. Simply put, there are a lot of unforeseen circumstances that not even the best of movers can predict. However, there are moving companies that are constantly late and disrespectful of their customers. If you dedicate a few hours to surfing on the Internet, you will be able to gather all the necessary information.

People holding hand-made comment signs over their heads.
Read other people`s opinions when searching for punctual movers.

Not only should you visit the company`s website and read customer testimonials, but also look them up on different moving forums. Read about the experiences other people had with them in the past. If the comments are predominantly negative, steer clear of them. The most reputable Chicago movers will always leave a positive impression on their customers.

Can a company give you precise pick-up and delivery dates?

You and your movers make a team, a well-oiled machine. Both of you need to be respectful towards each other and to be honest, and reasonable. Speaking of being honest, it would be a lie if your movers gave you a precise date for the delivery of your items. Simply speaking, there is not a person in this world who can predict:

  • The weather conditions.
  • Congested traffic that greatly affects the punctuality of the pick-up and delivery dates.
  • Mechanical problems on the moving truck. 

However, what your movers can and should tell you is the window of time. It is a period of a few days in which you can expect for your movers to pick up your items, and deliver them to a new location.

What is there to know about the pick-up date?

The pick-up date is a date you dedicate as your moving day. This is a day that is known in advance, or at least it should be. When you get in touch with your movers, you go with them through all the details of your relocation, and you settle on one particular date when they will come and load up your items. And, if the movers turn out to be late for the pick-up, there is no need to panic. After all, all of your items are still with you, which makes it easier for you to think with a clear head.

A close up of a watch on a man`s wrist.
Patiently wait for the arrival of your movers.

In the situation when you are waiting for your movers to show up for the pick-up, all you have to do is call the office. There is probably a reasonable explanation for the delay. Most likely, they will park in front of your house soon enough, and your smooth relocation will be back on track.

What is there to know about the delivery date?

On the other hand, things are a bit trickier when it comes to the delivery date. The farther you are moving, the more difficult it will be for your movers to predict the precise delivery date. Hence, they will give you a window of time, as we previously mentioned. The window of time can cover any period of time, from two to ten days. Everything depends whether you are moving just across town, or to another coast. Moreover, besides the distance of your move, there are other factors that will decide how long the window of time will be.

  • The complexity of the move.
  • The number of big and bulky items.
  • And, the overall weight of your cargo. 

If you want to shorten the window of time and cut your moving expenses, you know what to do. Make sure you purge your home of any old furniture pieces. The simpler your relocation is, the shorter the window of time will be.

You must be home for the delivery date

There are a few things during a move that you are obligated to do. If you don`t want to pack your home, there are professional packing services Chicago recommends. Likewise, if you don`t feel like unpacking, there is someone to take care of this, too. However, when it comes to the pick-up and delivery dates, they demand your presence. For the pick-up date, you must be there in order to sign the final inventory list your movers have made. And, for the delivery date, you must already be in your new home, ready to accept the shipment.

If you think about it, this actually works in your favor, as it can save you from a lot of troubles. This way, you will notice if anything is missing or damaged, and will be able to react on time. Speaking about things that could go wrong during relocation, you should know that you are never 100% safe. The only way to ensure that you will get your money back if anything ends up broken is by purchasing moving insurance. To know which liability coverage is the right one for you, you should talk about it with your movers.

A person signing a document on the pick-up and delivery dates.
You must be home for the pick-up and delivery dates in order to sign the necessary documents.

What to do when the movers are late?

The absolute worst thing you can do is panic when there is a delay with the pick-up and delivery dates. Everything can be solved if you approach it with a clear head. The first thing you need to do is try to contact your movers. If you cannot do this, or they do not pick up the phone, you should take it up with the FMCSA. They might be able to track your vehicle. If all else fails, your final stop should be the courthouse. However, things rarely go that far.

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