How to Unpack Quickly After Moving

Packing Tips - February 13, 2019

Are you thinking about relocating your home? A moving process includes, above all, tiresome packing and unpacking. Very soon, you’ll be in your new home with all the moving boxes Chicago, full of your belongings. They will be waiting for you to unpack them and make a familiar environment in your new living space. Moving to a new office or home need to be a fresh start, but a complete adventure as well. Yet the unpacking could be a headache. Bear in mind that the unloading process will be much easier if you follow your packing/moving plan. If you label your boxes accurately, unloading should not be a reason for any sort of trouble. Below are some pointers you can utilize to make the unpacking process simple and even enjoyable. We will try to help you to unpack quickly after moving.

Easy packing for easy unpacking

As moving can be a challenging life event, what you need the most is an organizational plan to follow. With plenty of tasks that moving can require, a good moving checklist can be your great helper. In order to unpack quickly after moving, start thinking ahead. That means you should spend some time and energy for proper packing first. By labeling your moving boxes and writing down the content of it, unpacking will be sped up. It will keep you away from time-consuming riffling through the boxes to find what you are looking for.

To unpack quickly after moving labeling of the boxes is very important
Label each box with markers, and unpack quickly after moving

Think twice what you would like to move to your new home and pay some attention to the packing procedure. A helpful hand is always needed, especially in this kind of situation. Local movers Chicago can provide professional packing services. Without pulling out your hair, you will be ready to move. Do not forget to pack boxes with ‘essentials’, the things that should be in the reach of your hand upon your arrival. You never know how long it might take to unpack everything. So things such as toilet paper, clothes for changing, towels, toiletries, phone charger. Or anything that you find as a necessity for your daily routine. When the time comes to open the boxes, you will be thankful and satisfied.

Inventory list can help you to unpack quickly after moving

A way of keeping on track every box and item that you are relocating, inventory list is a must. If you hire professional movers, they will make it anyway. But to be on a safe side, make your own list of boxes with all detailed information. You will know which box will go to which room, and that is exactly how you can save a lot of time. This decreases the possibility for mix-ups and also secures the unpacking procedure. Not only that your inventory list will help you in unboxing, but it is also important when the truck reaches its destination. You should check if everything from the inventory list is relocated and in a good shape. Think about purchasing moving insurance, in cases of damages that are not even the movers’ fault.

Packing of items that require special care

What may bring you the most worries regarding pre-move preparation is packing delicate items. Your grandma’s porcelain, mirrors, valuable pieces of furniture or fine arts should be safely packed.  You can rely on the antiques movers Chicago, which will pack your items with special care. Their experience leads to professionalism. Your belongings will have a safe ride to your final destination.

Antique items should be packed and unpacked with special care
Your antique items should be packed properly

Do a new home inspection so that you can unpack quickly after moving

What you should also take in consideration before you relocate into a new home is a home inspection. To avoid having furniture that doesn’t fit into your living space, getting room dimensions is crucial. Take as many photos of your new home as you can and ask your real estate agent for a blueprint of the home. That way you can plan exactly where to put every piece of furniture that you are moving. It will for sure decrease time you will spend on planning and accelerate the whole process of unpacking.

While you are into discovering every inch of your new home, select one room that will be a room for unpacking. That room will be the starting point, where all your boxes, that are not labeled by rooms, will be stored. This room can be for boxes with a first aid kit, cleaning supplies, personal essentials. To sum up, everything that you might need right away.

Clean home, a fresh start

Even if your real estate agent guarantees a ‘broom clean’ house or apartment, roll up your sleeves. To be sure that everything is clean and that you can unbox your new home, deep cleaning is important. Prepare ahead some of the cleaning essentials in one box which you will unpack first. With a help of your family members, cleaning can be done in the blink of an eye. This will be your platform to unpack quickly after moving.

A mop on the floor
Before unpacking, have a deep clean of your new home

Room by room

Necessity is a matter of choice. Each member of the family has certain needs. But one thing that we can all agree on is that everyone needs a good night sleep. You will make a choice which room you will unpack first. If you have children prioritize their room and make it sleep-ready. Most people prefer the following routine while unpacking their home.

  • Bedroom– Hurrying up to unpack quickly after moving can be exhausting. After a long day of unpacking, there should be a place to have a decent rest. That is the main reason why you should make your bedroom operative, and unpack boxes with bedding first.
  • Bathroom– Nothing more relaxing than having a bath in your new home, after a long day of cleaning and arranging. Open your boxes with bathroom items, and make your bathroom ready for use.
  • Kitchen– Having a fast-food snack in a hurry is what you will probably have in the first days of unpacking. There will be no time for preparing meals. It is better to leave kitchen preparations for the next day. There are a lot of delicate items which you should unpack with concentration. Have a good sleep and put a kitchen in tomorrow’s task list.
  • Living room– This is the area where you spend most of your free time. Be sure not to do it too quickly. Take some time and make it cozy and comfy.
  • Attic and garage– The last but not the least, organize your attic and garage. Most of the garage items are not essentials. So, unpack tools and materials that you are using in keeping your home functional.

Leave something for tomorrow, give yourself space

It is understandable that you are excited and you want to settle in as soon as possible. But please give yourself some space and a small break if possible. You just relocated your home and everything is new and fresh. There is a rough week ahead of you and you don’t want to burn out and endanger your physical and mental health. Take a look around, give your new environment a chance to establish a communication with you. You might get some new ideas or change the old ones. After all, you will possibly spend years in your new home. For that reason, you shouldn’t rush with unpacking, take it slow and dedicate yourself to it.

How to unpack quickly after moving and save some time
It’s not impossible to unpack quickly after moving

Organizing a new home should be an event to remember. So give yourself time for having fun while unpacking. Organize some kind of play game with your family, invite friends to participate in making your place feel like a home. There will be for sure a lot of boxes that you can unpack later. Some of them, like a box with Christmas decoration, should be simply stored. And some, you can leave in your basement or garage and unpack it when you have free time. Do not procrastinate, but on the other hand, do not push yourself to the limits.

Set up the goals so that you can unpack quickly after moving

It is easier working when you have a target. When you are unboxing you can have a target of finishing in a day or two. Or depending on the time that you are able to afford. This will assist you to attain even more compared to when you are unpacking with no goals. If you are working with other people in unpacking the items, you will certainly be surprised how fast things will be unpacked. If you do not have help, do not hesitate to ask your movers if they have unpacking services. Wolley Movers Chicago ensure that packing will not take up excessive time and even will not cost as much. The unpacking solution that we give is equally as excellent of the relocating solution that we are prominently praised for. Therefore, you won’t have to stress concerning sending all your personal belongings safely and completely.

A woman making a plan
Make a daily plan for easier unpacking

Settling into a new home should be a great experience and life-changing event. Even though moving can be stressful, the final result of this process should be your happiness. We hope that these tips will help you to unpack quickly after moving. But, even if it takes more time than you’ve planned, do not be upset. Make your new environment by your rules, the way that suits you and your family the best. Have a pleasant relocation.

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