Tips for Labeling Your Moving Boxes like a pro

Packing Tips - May 28, 2019

Packing for relocation has its own ups and downs. It is easy to get lost in all that excitement you have before moving! Which is why it is important to have a good moving plan, just to make sure everything is going smoothly! One part of that moving plan is labeling your moving boxes! It will make your relocation that easier! Find out more about how to do it like a pro and never worry again about where you put certain items!

Before labeling your moving boxes gather the labeling material

If you think you can manage with just a sharpie and sticky notes, then you are very wrong! One of the best possible ways for labeling your moving boxes includes having a lot of different colored markers. Be sure they are not halfway used or empty. The last thing you need is to run out of them while writing. And the only way you can make sure they are good is if you buy them new and branded. Coming from a quality brand means they will do their job without any issues! Just be sure you take at least 4 markers with different colors, and that they are both waterproof and permanent!

Different colored markers used for labeling your moving boxes
Use different colored markers when labeling your moving boxes

This is very important when commenting on long-distance relocations such as moving to Illinois! As it can be very tiring and exhausting, you will need all the free time you have to unpack. And the best way to make it fast is to leave labels on your moving boxes!

Try to implement color codes with your labeling

Markers shouldn’t be the only thing you use when labeling your moving boxes! Go to your local home depot and search for the colored tape to match your markers. This will help you identify the moving boxes easily! Although for closing and packing purposes you will use duct tape, as well as packing tape, this is a very good choice! When you combine colored markers and colored tape you will have a colored code system you can use to easily navigate between moving boxes. For example, dedicate one color to one room! Green for bedroom, blue for the kitchen, red for bathroom, etc. Once you have that settled, you will have no issues with packing and moving to your new home!

Color coding is very simple! All you have to do is pair the colored packing tape with the markers you are using when labeling. It is a great tool because it will be easier to spot them, thus making it easier to unpack once you are done relocating!

colored tape used when labeling your moving boxes
Use colored tape in addition to markers

Don’t forget to write huge letters on the box! Just so you can easily spot them and see what the moving box contains. You don’t have to use colored tape for packing. Just for better labeling and marking purposes. Remember to tell your movers about this system once you contact them to get a free quote from them!

Make an inventory list

Labeling is just a part of the packing process. Once the decision is made on your relocation, start making an inventory list! This list should contain every item you possess in your household! Examining this inventory list will give you an idea of what you do not need anymore! Furthermore, it can help you figure out what items you want to transport and what to give away. There are also other methods to get rid of excess items from your home. You can either donate or sell them. Whatever you chose to do, it will surely lower the number of items you have to transport.

a person writing
Make an inventory list of your possessions

The inventory list is a reminder of the items we have to transport. Know that the movers make their own list as well. So it is a good idea to compare the lists and correct them where they are wrong. This is especially important when you are packing breakable belongings for relocation. Not only do you both need to update your lists, but you have to tell them about the content of those boxes as well.

Be sure to use proper packing materials

Labeling your moving boxes like a pro is just a part of the process! Once you use both good markers and color codes, you need to pack like a pro as well! And the only way to do it properly is to get all the packing materials ahead of time. This is the only way you can make sure that nothing can wrong. And if it does happen, you will have enough time to figure out a solution to it. The best packing materials include:

  • Old fabrics like pillowcases, blankets, t-shirts
  • Packing peanuts
  • Sponges
  • Ropes
  • Duct tapes
  • Packing tapes
  • Wrapping papers
Man washing his car with the sponge
Use sponges as additional protection when packing

These are the items you will have to use for proper packing before relocating. If you have trouble finding them, talk with your movers! Most of the time they will provide you with their own packing materials, for a certain price! In order to save some money, you should learn about all the packing supplies you can use before you pack for relocation.

Labeling your moving boxes is crucial for a successful relocation! The importance of labels is great because it shortens the time we need to unpack once the relocation is over. Not to mention that, because of the color code, you can easily distribute the boxes around the house. Make sure to use these methods to your advantage once you settle on moving. If you are a frequent mover and know more about this, feel free to give us your feedback on this topic! We are sure our other customers and readers will find it as helpful as we do!

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