Practical Guide to Downsizing for Seniors

Packing Tips - July 16, 2019

When the time for retirement comes, seniors, most of the time, decide to downsize. Either to simplify their lifestyle, to reduce their costs, to be closer to their children and grandchildren, etc. Whatever the reason is, they are making this decision for a reason, valid reason. However, the moving process takes a lot of time and cause moving stress and headache. If you want to prepare in advance, you should get moving boxes Chicago at least two months before the move and start packing your seasonal items slowly. Today, we will walk you through the practical guide to downsizing for seniors. So, let’s begin!

Downsizing for Seniors – How to Prepare?

The moving process is tiring and exhausting. However, downsizing for seniors can be emotional and rough so you should be there to help! Emotional support is sometimes bigger and better than financial, and since our seniors deserve all the love and help, you should definitely be there when the time for the downsizing comes. First of all, you should give a call to the moving company and schedule the exact date and time for the relocation. Keep on your mind that your grandparents have a lot of antique at their home, so hiring antique movers is a great idea.

However, if you are a senior and moving by yourself, you should follow this practical guide to downsizing for seniors that we have prepared for you! Let’s begin:

  • Start Early
  • Declutter
  • Sell things Online or Organize a Garage/Yard Sale
  • Legacy Gifts
  • Bond with your Lovely Family
  • Hire A Mover
Seniors. Couple
Give them a hand and emotional support! Help Your Seniors!

Downsizing for Seniors – Start Early!

First of all, take a deep breath, start early, give yourself time and prepare mentally for moving! There’s no need to rush. As soon as you find out about the exact moving date, slowly start gathering packing supplies and boxes. You can even start packing some of your seasonal clothes or things that you are not using often. If you pack a little every day, you won’t be under the pressure during the last week and the day before the move. If you leave everything for the last day, you will feel overwhelmed, stressed out and down. Take it easy!


Before you start packing, it would be good to declutter and get rid of unnecessary things. Everyone should declutter their home annually. However, since the move is a perfect time for decluttering, you should do it! You won’t need all of the old and rusty tools from your garage, or clothes that you didn’t wear for a year or two. Go slowly, room by room, every other or third day so you won’t feel pressure and stress.

Sell things Online or Organize a Garage/Yard Sale

You can also make some money before you move out. Gather up things that you don’t need and organize a yard/garage sale. Be prepared to get up early because a garage sale starts early in the morning. However, maybe you won’t be able to get as much money as you would get if you are selling items online but garage sale is a fast sale. If you have plenty of time, open an account on eBay and sell items online one by one! If you don’t know how to do it, ask your kids or grandkids to help you with sales.

Garage Sale. Chair.
You can also earn a little money! Declutter and organize a yard/garage sale!

Legacy Gifts

Enjoy the feeling of giving the legacy gifts to your loved ones earlier! Give the antique wall clock to your son. Valuable grand-grandmothers necklace to your lovely daughter! Give that lovely china set to your granddaughter because she loves it! This is the easiest and happiest way at the same time to get the items out of your way. You should also find out if someone of your loved ones wants something else that you don’t know about. You will be happy and you will make people you love happy also. Your family can also help and give you some summer garden renovation ideas on a budget. You will have a lovely garden!

Bond With Your Lovely Family

A weekend or two before you move, you should have family gatherings at your old house. Ask your kids and grandkids to come by and spend a few days. Tell them about family heirlooms and tell them stories about their ancestors. Let them help you pack, let them ask you questions. In the end, they can even help you sell the items you don’t need instead of you.

The last weekend together at your old house should be memorized. One last moment your family shared in the house you all loved! You will also make new memories in the new house when you move. Remember, for the memories you cherish, it’s your family that’s important, not the items around you!

Downsizing for Seniors – Professional Moving Company Can Help!

Before you make a bad choice and decide to move by yourself, you should think thoroughly. Hiring a professional moving company will save a lot of time, reduce the moving stress and help you say a proper goodbye to your old neighborhood. A professional mover offers a lot of moving services, such as local move, long-distance move, packing supplies, packing services, storage services, piano move and so much more.

A team of experienced and efficient workers will pack and relocate all of your belongings fast and safely. The professional moving company cares for its customers and tend to make them satisfied and happy. A reliable mover has a license and years of experience in the moving industry. Visit your professional mover’s site to calculate the cost of your move or give them a call and they will gladly help!

A handshake
A professional moving company will take good care of you and all your belongings!

This was a practical guide to downsizing for seniors! The best advice we can offer is to ask your loved ones for help! However, you can declutter and pack some of your seasonal items in advance. Prepare, organize, make plans and checklists at least two months before the move and you will avoid moving stress. We wish you a happy life and all the best!

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