Tips for Packing an Office Desk

Packing Tips - April 22, 2019

When moving business, it’s important for everything to go smoothly. An organized relocation is of the utmost importance for business owners who want to stay productive while moving. Also, when everything is organized and going according to plan, people who move their office are able to get back to their business quickly. So, if you’re preparing to move your office, we’re here to tell you how to do it properly. Most people who are relocating their business focus on big things but forget about the smaller ones, such as packing an office desk the right way. In order to change this, we have created a guide on how to prepare your desk for the move like a pro. Keep reading and you’ll be able to pack with ease!

Go through every document and gather the important ones

One of the biggest mistakes when packing an office desk is forgetting to go through every document that’s in desk. This can lead to two big problems:

  • throwing an important document because of going through documents carelessly;
  • or, moving a pile of unnecessary documents and creating clutter in the new office, and spending more on the relocation.

Both of these scenarios are bad, so when you’re packing an office desk focus on not making this beginners mistake. Of course, if you decide to move with the help of reliable office movers Chicago, you won’t have to deal with this kind of problems. But if you decide to not hire a moving company, you’ll need this guide. So, what have we learned so far? Inspect all your documents before the move! Organize all your papers and start boxing up the files you’re going to move. Don’t forget to label everything in order to stay organized during and after the move. And one more thing! Before getting rid of unnecessary files, inform yourself about the company’s protocol of disposing of old paperwork. This way, you’ll know whether you should shred or recycle these documents.

Archives with labels.
Make sure to check every paper in your office desk and separate those that are important.

Decide how to pack drawers of your office desk

Almost every office desk has a lot of drawers filled with different office supplies, paperwork, and other office-non-related items. If you decide to pack everything by yourself instead of hiring Oak Park movers, you’ll have to learn how to pack your drawers. It’s important to know that if drawers aren’t removed, it will be much harder to move an office desk, especially if the drawers are full. However, you can remove all drawers and move them with the items that are inside if your drawers aren’t too heavy. Most people decide to empty all drawers and lock them up to make sure they won’t open during the move. Whether you leave or remove your drawers, it’s important to take out anything that’s fragile. Pack fragile items separately to avoid breaks and damages.

Learn how to pack electronics the right way

As you already know, electronics can be a bit tricky to transport. This is because office equipment is expensive, but also fragile. If you don’t pay attention when packing them, they might get damaged during the move. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to learn how to pack every item the right way, especially electronics. First, you’ll have to separate your working electronics from those you don’t use anymore. If by any chance you stumble upon your old computer, don’t just throw it in the trash. Instead, get in touch with some of the computer recycling facilities in Chicago. They’ll know what to do with your old electronics.

Once you get rid of your unnecessary items, it’s time to pack them. Here’s how:

  • Find original packaging. This is the best protection for electronic items that you’ll be relocating.
  • Get cushioning and wrapping materials. Better be safe than sorry!
  • Take photos of the back of your electronic devices and do this before pulling out cables. This way, you’ll set up everything with ease in your new office.
  • Write “Fragile” on moving boxes that contain electronic devices.

Find containers for small office supplies

Small office supplies can be everywhere! These tiny little things have the ability to be in every drawer, behind our laptop, under our office desk, and disappear whenever we need them. So, when packing an office desk, you’ll have to find all of them! It will be best to have different types of packing materials to pack them as soon as you find them. However, you can just get a plastic container and put these small supplies inside. This way, everything will be in the same place. And, once you move your office, you won’t have to look for them and spend your precious time on that.

Small office supplies.
Small office supplies are really easy to lose. That’s why you should place them in a plastic container when packing an office desk.

Hire professionals for packing an office desk

Sometimes, it’s better to let the moving experts do what they do best. If you want to stay productive during the move, but also move in record time, you’ll need the help of reputable Lakeview movers. A reliable moving company will know how to relocate your whole office without putting your business in danger. Also, if you get packing services, you can leave this tiresome task to them. After all, movers are experienced and have the necessary knowledge to pack everything safely. The only thing you’ll have to do is find a moving company that’s reliable. With experts by your side, you’ll be able to work while your office is being transported to the new space. And this is exactly what you need.

Man with a beard laughing after packing an office desk.
Hire movers to move your office so that you can work… or at least have fun.

By following the tips in our guide, you’ll master packing an office desk! However, you should really think about whether you want to do this by yourself or with the help of a moving company. We’re sure that you can do this task properly but why lose your time on this when there are highly-skilled people that can do it for you? Even if you decide to hire movers, it’s good to know how to pack an office desk, so make sure to remember these tips! Who knows when you might need them.

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