How to pack toiletries for moving

Packing Tips - April 29, 2019

Packing of possessions for a moving day is one of the most tiresome processes, among all others that moving requires. It might look at first sight like a never-ending job. When you see all the items that you have to pack and protect for your relocation. But with some good tips and professional help, you will realize that there is another way of getting things done. If you are wondering how to pack toiletries for moving day, you are in the right place. In this article, we will give you some useful advice on how to make your packing easier. Also, how to do it properly.

The organization is a key to easy relocation

Whether you are a well-organized person, or the one that goes with the flow, when it comes to relocation things are clear. Good organization is what makes each moving less time and money- consuming event. Preparing yourself for moving is important, especially if you are moving to Illinois. This moving will afford you a new lifestyle and new opportunities. But, like in any novelty in life, adjustment might take some time. Before you move there, start with essential organizational tasks, such as making a moving checklist. Make your guide throughout this adventure and bypass mistakes by having all the task in front of you. In that group of tasks, what we should not forget is to pack toiletries for moving.

Before you start to pack toiletries for moving, find a good moving company

One of the most important things regarding the moving day is, for sure, finding a reliable moving company. Movers are the base of your relocation and should be chosen with special attention, and with your preferences. If you are looking for professional, yet affordable movers, Oak Park movers are the right one for you. With vast experience and commitment, they will transfer your belongings with the highest care. And not only that. There are many other services that this company is providing. If you decide to have professional help with packing, just give us a call.

Before you pack toiletries for moving find a good moving company
With a bit of research, you can find a good moving company

Declutter your bathroom before starting to pack toiletries for moving

When you start a packing process for your relocation, you will be surprised how many things you have. Some of them are not using for a long time. And for some, you even forgot you have them in possession. There will be plenty of things you should throw away before moving. But, there will also be items which you can sell, recycle or even better, donate. That is why a good decluttering is what you need to have. Especially when you start to pack toiletries for moving. You should go through all bottles, boxes, and tubes and separate them.

Consider throwing away old products, products without labels or broken ones. The fewer things you move, the costs of relocation will be lower. So, before you start to pack toiletries think wisely what should go with you. In some cases, shipping and the costs of moving might be higher than the price of the items you have. So, if you have any unopened products, such as shampoos, lotions, conditioners, you can donate them. And buy a new one in the new place of living. It will be cheaper than to move them, and you will do a double good.

How to pack toiletries for moving

After classifying the toiletries that are essential to you, it is time for packing. Likewise packing of any other items for moving, you will need certain packing materials. For breakable and heavy items such as toiletries, the best is to find small moving boxes Chicago. First, check if each bottle is properly closed, and wrap it in a bubble wrap or a paper. To protect other items from possible spillage, you can also use plastic bags or other waterproof material. Put some padding between the items in boxes and make sure they are well cushioned and tightly packed. This way you will avoid items to bounce and bump into each other. And prevent them from crumbling and shattering during the transport. Towels can also be suitable as extra protection.

different types of cosmetic products
Pay attention when packing make-up 

Place all items upright and label the box as fragile. That will be a sign for your movers not to tumble up the box and hand it with care when loading it into the truck. Separate boxes by categories like skin care, hair products, kid’s toiletries which will help you later on, during the unpacking. It will allow you to find them easier and ready for use. Use small boxes for your make-up and bubble wrap it, if you do not have specialized make- up bags. Watch out with nail polish, deodorants, polish removers, and other flammable cosmetic products. Keep in mind that some of them are heat and cold sensitive and need special protection. Some movers prohibit moving such items, so be prepared for this situation, as well.

Have an essential moving bag

Do not forget to pack a bag with essentials, for the moving day and the day after it. You will need some clean clothes, food, and drinks, but also some basic hygiene assets. Those are things like toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, soap, a few towels, hair brush, etc. Pack them in a clean, waterproof toiletry bag with many compartments. Make sure that case is always near you so that you can have access to your personal care any time.

A camera.
Pack essentials bag for moving.

We hope that you will find our tips helpful, and pack toiletries for moving without losing much time and energy. There are many other tasks that you should complete but do not worry. Our services are at your disposal, so check out moving quotes Chicago, or call us. We will give our best to provide you the relocation on the highest level, as your satisfaction is our purpose. Do not wait, start organizing your big day.

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