Different types of packing materials you should use

Packing Tips - April 10, 2019

Time for moving is coming, and you are probably having a lot of questions on your mind. Alongside the other essential tasks that one relocation includes, packing is always the most time-consuming one. The safety of your belongings is a crucial segment of the moving process. Not only that proper packing and labeling can make the whole process much easier. But, it will also protect from any potential damages. If you decided to pack on your own, get familiar with packing materials you should use. Good packing supplies are half job done. So, let us see what you should prepare before you start packing.

Let the preparations start!

Whether you are moving your home or office, relocation can be a highly complex activity. Acknowledging this fact, your focus should be on a better organization. Begin your preparations on time, to embrace every aspect of your relocation. First and foremost, choose a moving company that can suit all your needs. Professional movers can help you have a stress-free relocation. That is why we recommend Lakeview movers, movers with extensive experience and trained team. By providing a different kind of services, we can cover your packing as well. Or at least, we can provide the best possible packing materials you should use for packing.

Do not forget the inventory list

People usually overlook their duties, tasks and personal items, in a rush. Well, that can be a problem if you are about to organize a relocation. Composing a moving checklist is a necessary part of each move, and should not be avoided. It will be your guide to successful relocation, without overlaps. When it comes to the packing of your possessions, an inventory list takes its place. Having the list of all your belongings will not only help you in packing. But will be also beneficial for the unboxing of your home. Most importantly, the inventory list is a record of items that you have in the property. During the unloading of the truck, check your list to make sure your items are present and safe.

Notebook on the table
Make an inventory list

Different types of packing materials you should use

The fewer things you have, the easier the packing will be, as much as the costs of moving. Nevertheless, each item should be packed with the utmost attention. For some fragile items, you will need additional protection to keep them away from damages. And some of the belongings you can just put in the plastic bags. We will shed light on the essential packing supplies. But will not forget the advanced ones.

What are the essential packing supplies?

To begin the packing process, you should have at least the following supplies:

  • Moving boxes – The king of all packing materials- moving boxes. Not a single relocation can pass without them. As a reusable material, it can be very practical during and after the move. You can find moving boxes Chicago in many different sizes. Buy them online, or visit the nearest market and reuse the old ones. Have in mind that smaller boxes are for heavier items, and big ones should be for items such as pillows, clothes, etc. They are also suitable for fragile possessions, but with the help of an air bubble or Styrofoam.
  • Packing paper, newsprint sheets – Even if the cheaper option is to use newsprints for wrapping up the things, it can sometimes cause the damages. The ink from the paper can leave a smudge on your porcelain or other delicate items. Think about dye-free packing paper, perfect for rolling up pretty much everything. Wrap your valuables and seal them with packing tape.
  • Packing tapes – What you will need for sealing the boxes is not just an ordinary tape. Find industrial strength packing tapes. They stick better to any kind of surfaces and are much stronger.
Packing supplies
Tapes, labels, scissors are essential packing materials
  • Labels, markers – Do not forget about labeling. Use markers or labels for each box, and write the content of it. This will speed up the process of unpacking. And there will be no mash-ups and potential damages.
  • Scissors, knives – The last but not least, prepare scissors and knives for cutting tapes and cardboard if there is a need. Be careful and do not hurry when you are using them. If you have little helpers in the form of your kids, pay special attention.

Take one step further – advanced packing materials you should use

  • The air bubble – one of the most helpful packing materials you should use- This is a great protector for almost everything. You can use it for glasses, dishes, art, collectible items and many others. You can use them to wrap things up or to fill the empty spaces in boxes. The cheaper replacement for the air bubble are blankets, cotton cloths, and towels. Everything soft and fluffy, that can protect items from shaking during the move.
Air bubble.
The air bubble will give extra protection to your valuables
  • Peanuts – Packing peanuts are one more layer in securing the valuables inside the box. Fill the bottom of the box with it then place the items. And cover with more peanuts.
  • Styrofoam – It has a similar use as the air bubble, to cradle certain items inside the box.
  • Foam edge guards – An upgraded version of protection are foam edge guards. The name of it explains its use. Great for paintings, mirrors, or other items with edges, that should have extra padding.
  • Plastic bins – Beside cardboard boxes, one of the best packing materials you should use is a plastic box. It comes in different sizes and colors, which can be a kind of a label itself. They are reusable and washable but a bit more expensive than cardboard boxes. You can use it for different other purposes, after your relocation.

After packing comes unpacking. What to do with leftover packing materials?

As soon as the movers unload your belongings, unpacking is waiting for you. With earlier good labeling, this should not be such a difficult task. Separate boxes by the rooms, and start with one room at the time. After you complete the unboxing, you will end up with a lot of leftover moving boxes. Check what you can reuse and what you might throw away. A donation, selling, and recycling should also be your options.

Being prepared for packing will save you time but also energy. We’ve tried to give you a better insight into packing materials you should use for your relocation process. With them, packing with be smooth and ready for loading into the truck. If you decide, however, to have a professional packing help, do not hesitate to contact us. Check out our free Chicago moving quotes and leave the rest to us. You can be sure that you will have the best possible inspection of your home, packing and moving. We wish you a nice and easy relocation.

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