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Whatever the reason for your relocation is, it can bring a lot of positive changes in your life. On the other hand, relocation is one of the most stressful life events. Reasons for that are understandable, due to the amount of time, energy, and money that should be invested. Good organization is the key to a successful relocation, as much as choosing the right moving company. To have a comfortable relocation to Near North, there is no better option than choosing the Near North movers. With the highest level of services that we are providing, you will have a stress-free relocation. The years of experience led us to be one of the best moving companies in Chicago. Let the professionals take care of your relocation, Wolley Movers know how to do that.

Near North is one of the best Chicago neighborhoods
Near North, Chicago

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A helpful hand during the relocation is always needed, whether you are moving locally or across the borderline. It is never easy to relocate and uproot yourself from your old home, neighborhood, work, and friends. That is why we are here to help you and be your support in such a big occasion. If you are moving to Illinois, you’ve made the right decision. This place can provide plenty of opportunities for a wonderful life. Chicago has to offer beautiful neighborhoods where you can enjoy your living. We know this for sure because Wolley Movers are providing moving services for 25 years, all over the place. With our mission to give the best of our services to our clients, we have moved thousands of families and business.

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The customers’ satisfaction is the most important to us

At the very beginning of our inclusion in the moving industry, Near North movers’ vision was to strive to customer satisfaction. To be a successful company, the key is firmly rooted in the years of knowledge as well as experience we bring to each job. Gaining knowledge throughout the years and listening to customers’ needs brought us here. As one of the biggest relocation companies in this area, you will find that we can agree that it is very little we have not seen, moved, or had to deal with during our years in the business. And we are thrilled to hear your requests and make your relocation pleasant.

The benefits of hiring Near North movers

One specific relocation company stands out among the rest, and that is Wolley Movers company. We have cornered the market in this neighborhood with our advanced moving techniques, total reliability, and the extreme quality of our moves. The safety of your possessions is in the first place. That is why our Near North movers will take the utmost care of all your belongings that you want to relocate. We will easily handle each and every detail, related to the packing, transportation, as well as storage of your belongings. You will be very glad to hire us, as an expert moving company for moving your possessions to your new home. We deliver on our promise to give our moving customers total peace of mind rather than headaches on the day of the move.

Our Near North movers have a large number of moving trucks
We will transfer your possessions with the utmost care

The fact is that relocation includes a lot of different tasks, which means that the moving process is a time-consuming job. Our recommendation is to set your moving date on time, at least a few months before the moving day. You will have enough time to prepare everything and not be under pressure. The level of pressure and stress might be higher if you are moving as a senior. We think about that, as well. Our senior movers Chicago are specialized in making quick and efficient relocations for our elderly ones. In no time, our company will plan, pack, and transfer all your belongings to the final destination.

With the services of Near North movers, your whole relocation will be covered

As there are different types of relocations, we are proud to say that we are offering a great range of services. You will be able to have a full moving package with us, without hiring any other company.

  • Residential moving– Moving your home isn’t so easy as it seems. Especially if you are having delicate items, antiques, bulky items, or a lot of furniture. Doing it all alone can cause moving injuries, so leaving that to experts is probably the best option. Our team has proper moving equipment, so they can carefully load your possessions into the truck.
  • Commercial moving– If you are wondering how to relocate your business or just an office, we can give you the answer to that. With our Near North movers, any commercial moving is performed with the highest attention. Special care is applied due to the sensitivity of the office equipment, whether it is important documents or high-valuable office tools. We are giving our best to minimize the downtime of your business. Call us and we will disassemble, pack, load, and transfer your office fast and efficient.
  • Piano moving– Our moving crew is specialized for handling bulky, yet delicate items, such as a piano. We will protect your piano from drops, scratches, and other damages, using the best equipment and material.
Near North movers are providing different services, among them piano moving services
We can relocate your piano, as well
  • Packing services– Packing is the most tiresome part of each relocation. If you do not have time, or you want professional packing help Chicago, Near North movers are here. With the quality packing material, we can pack each item, regardless of the size and weight. You will save time and energy, and rest assured that your belongings are secured. Our friendly team is always willing to communicate and listen to your requests.

Our Near North movers will come at your door

If you are not sure how to measure the number of packages that you need to move, with us, you can have an on-site calculation. We will, in addition, precisely route and prepare before each relocation. We can visit your home, so to provide you a very accurate estimation of your moving costs. This will not be just a guess this will be a binding cost of service.

Welcome to Near North, Chicago

The Near North Side is one of the well-defined community areas of Chicago, Illinois, United States. The neighborhood of Near North is filled with beautiful tree-lined streets that surround pristine landscapes. That makes the homes there, most of which are Chicago mansions, look even more attractive. Along with the Loop and the Near South Side, the Near North Side constitutes central Chicago. In between this area, Chicago river is running, and to it’s east, there is a Lake Michigan. Statistics show that this place is on the list of the highest-income neighborhoods of the United States. This vibrant, yet serene neighborhood, offers great job and educational opportunities. The good school system, transportation, and lots of parks make this place ideal for families with kids.

Chicago buildings
Streets of Chicago

The Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, and Gold Coast are the just a few of many favorite Chicago spots. In the Near North, everyone can suit their needs. The great architecture of the oldest parts of Chicago is astonishing. Especially for culture lovers, which can, as well, enjoy in great theaters and museums, such as Museum of Contemporary Art. Restaurants, bars, and clubs complement the image of the great Chicago lifestyle.

An upscale neighborhood requires upscale relocation services like Wolley Movers. Thus, we have to be a team who are comfortable with our surroundings. We are well versed in the side streets trucks can fit down and move with the ultimate attention. Most of all, though, when we relocate people in this area, we are not only completely reliable but trustworthy, as well.

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Being aware that you have great support from Near North movers, there is nothing to worry about. Start making your moving plan, set the moving budget, and be ready for your relocation. Our services are at your disposal anytime, so do not hesitate to contact us. Visit our website and get free moving quotes Chicago. Near North is waiting for you.