Where to Donate Your Stuff Before Moving

Moving Tips - February 6, 2019

So, naturally when you decide to relocate you might feel overwhelmed. You will start packing your belongings and maybe at one point, you will realize you can’t simply put it into your new home. Or maybe you are ready to start your new life and want to declutter your belongings. Either way, the best thing that you can do is to donate your stuff before moving. That way, you will be helping yourself and making the moving process a lot easier. But also, on the other side  – you will be actually helping someone. There are a lot of different organizations where you can donate your belongings.  And we will help you to find them by creating this short list on where you can donate your belongings before the move.

How to decide to donate your stuff before moving?

First of all, since you are moving to Illinois, you should inform yourself about organizations that accept the help in that area. You should take a look at all the organizations and maybe some of them will actually make you really feel happy about donating your stuff before the move. They all have different causes and all of them are helping different types of people. That is one of the main reasons that will help you to decide to donate your stuff before moving. The feeling that you will be actually helping someone else is priceless and it will bring you a lot of positive changes. And besides that, you will have fewer things to worry about and eventually pack.

Where to donate your stuff before moving?

So, since we have cleared the air and decided why you should donate your belongings before the move, we should now talk about where you can donate them. That way, you will be able to sort through them accordingly. And also, you will be able to create a good moving plan for yourself. You will maybe have enough money in your budget to hire a reliable moving company. So, let’s dive in!

A give and take sign.
You can always donate your belongings and help others.


This organization helps women of domestic violence, homeless community and all families in need. Therefore they need a wide range of items, so we are sure that you have something in your home that you can donate to them. You can use this as a great way to declutter your home and help some people in need. They do not do pick-up but you can drop off all the items that you don’t use or need anymore. They accept men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. Also, they accept shoes and items for personal care. So, go through your belongings carefully and see is there anything that you can donate. After all, you are trying to donate your stuff before moving so try to avoid sentimentality over all of your belongings.

Bridge to Success

So, you probably remember how it was going to your first job interviews and you did not have any business attire. Well, now you have the opportunity to help people in the same position as you once were. So, the Bridge to Success accepts clothing items, but before all that, they accept men and women professional business clothing. They are especially looking forward to your donation if you have any plus size clothes or shoes for men. They do not do pick-ups at the moment, but you can always drop off your belongings. The only thing that they kindly ask is to bring clothes that are clean and in good condition. They are helping young job-seekers and men and women who are low on income but they are actively looking for a job.

Two persons shaking hands.
Donate your business clothes and help people to get a job easier!


You probably already heard about this organization since they are one of the most popular organizations. The organization accepts new and items in good condition that they sell in their stores’ and on their online auction site. Goodwill also accepts electronics since they became partners with Dell. You can drop your belongings before the move or you can contact the local center to ask do they do a pickup. Donating to Goodwill can benefit you as well since once you hire packing services Chicago they will have to pack up fewer items. Keep in mind that you are doing a really nice thing by donating your stuff before moving and that it will make you feel better.


If you have kids and once you started packing you realized that you simply have too many baby toys – it is time to donate them. This organization collects different items that children need and distributes them to children’s hospitals, shelters, and many other places. If your kids have outgrown their clothes, put their clothes in the washer and donate them. You will help a lot and you will make a great impact on some kids life.

A teddy bear.
Baby2Baby will appreciate your donations.

Also, if you have cribs, high chairs, blankets, diapers, car seats – you can donate anything here. They will accept it gladly since it will be helping some other families that are struggling. In order to check is there Baby2Baby donation site near you visit their website and get all the information needed.

Brown Elephant

This organization accepts different items. So, you will be able to donate your stuff before moving here for sure. Household items, clothing, toys, books, instruments – they need it all. You will be donating to Howard Brown Health Center and they even do pick-ups. So, it can’t be easier than this. Feel free to contact them and get all the details regarding a donation to them.

Pickup Please

If you need a donation pick up ASAP, we recommend contacting Pickup Please. Run by the Vietnam Veterans of America, this organization can pick up all your unwanted belongings within 24 hours. The organization then sells the items to generate funding for local, state, and national programs of the Veterans. This organization is certainly one of the best places to donate your stuff before moving.

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